Monday, 3 December 2012

Do You Want The Good News First.......

It's weigh in day today and there's some bad news and some good news. I haven't put any weight on, hardly surprising as I lived on tea for two days, but I've not lost any either. Thanks goodness for that.

I'm feeling much better today, I'm now at that annoying stage where you feel you can do something right up to the point you actually try and do it. I did manage to make a quick pasta for lunch yesterday but it wiped me out and I spent most of the afternoon dozing on the settee. Today however I feel so much stronger. All the aches and pains have gone and apart from the stuffy feeling in my nose and a sore throat I'm feeling pretty good. I'm not going to rush things though and will spend at least another day taking things really easy. I have to go back to the doc tomorrow to get checked out and if he says everything is good I'll be one very happy bunny.

The bad news is that Peter has started coughing. He sounded really bad first thing but things seem to have settled for now. He insists he's feeling fine but I suspect I might well be doing my nursing bit by the weekend. It will make a change to be looking after him as it is usually the other way around these days. For now he has gone off to work, reassuring me that he'll be OK. I think part of my concern is that I forget that normal people do not feel as bad as I do when I'm ill and so attribute how I awful I feel to them even though it is usually not the case. I still worry though.

Today I have received my packs of PHA Christmas cards so will spend this afternoon at the dining table writing them all out. That should keep me both occupied and out of trouble, which is just what I need. I have to say I'm getting a bit fed up of watching TV. As I've said before it is wonderful when you are really ill as there is very little else you can do. I try to read but usually cannot concentrated and end up dozing off and losing my place. When you start to feel more lively you then start to feel guilty sitting on your bum all day so I need something I can do without over doing it so the arrival of the cards was perfect timing.

Andrew has had a bit of a blip with his ambulance placements. The person he was paired with last week started a new job today which leaves Andrew rather high and dry as far as mentors are concerned. However they have managed to sort this out over the weekend and he starts back tomorrow. He will now be shuffled between three stations. His original at Isleworth, Richmond and Twickenham. Thankfully they are all within a couple of miles of each other so the changes won't make any difference to his travel times. Apparently everyone knew this apart from Andrew, what a shame he's been messed about but on the positive side at least he still has a placement.

Strictly Watch

I must be ill, that's the second week in a row I've got a correct prediction. Michael went so now we really will be getting rid of the good dancers. I hate this part of the series because you want everyone to stay, apart from Denise, but they can't.

Apprentice Watch

Finally got around to watching this on good old iplayer.

I cannot believe that team Platinum lost. I though their club had a lot more going for it than the rather boring 'you stand and watch while we have all the fun' space/science experiment class Odyssey served up. I mean were the kids going to be allowed to try the experiments for themselves?

I used to take Andrew and Laurence to 'messy play' sessions all the time, they loved it. OK sometimes they came out so plastered I didn't quite know how to touch them but if they were happy, I was happy (and it saved me getting my own house dirty). It seems that today's parents want their offspring to remain spotless, which really isn't natural for kids. All it took when my two were small was a warning that they were going to get dirty and a set of old clothes you didn't mind getting stained.

So back to the task and despite having Mouthy Megan trying to rock the boat, again, Odyssey won. There was an up side to this however and we finally got rid of Dismal David. Four times in the boardroom must be some sort of record. I still cannot believe he's a 'private tutor', I hate to think what it is he teaches. How to make sexist comments and stand around looking lost would be my bet.

Well Christmas cards wait for no man (or woman), I just hope I can find a decent pen.