Monday, 17 December 2012

Slow Progress

Well I've finally done the Christmas cards and they are in Peter's hands making their way to the post box as I write. The Eiger is still with me but you can't have everything.

Remarkably we also managed to do the pantry audit, well Peter did, I sat and watched offering the odd word of wisdom and making final decisions on what to keep and what to throw. I was surprised to find we didn't need to throw that much but the cupboards almost look bare after the tidy up. The cats and birds have both gained from the process. The cats getting two out of date cod fillets cooked up for their supper tonight and the birds a split bag of bread both found at the bottom of the freezer.

I've also managed to eat a proper meal for the first time in a week. I cooked up some chicken kievs and found I could just about taste the garlic. The hash browns and peas were tasteless but went down well and I feel stronger today so obviously food is what I need now. I also got a whiff of my shower gel this morning so things are definitely looking up. Some friends have recommended a salt nasal spray that may help which I intend trying as soon as it can be found and bought.

My underlying PH seems to be recovering well and my sats are now back up to 89%, which is more or less normal for me, but my chest is still full of gunk. It is shifting though and I'm no longer bringing up blood so I'm taking this as a good sign. My doctor wants me to have an x-ray and I have the warfarin clinic tomorrow so I'm going to combine the two rather than go out twice. I then have to go and see him on Friday for the results and the final decision as to whether I will be well enough for my shift on Christmas day. I so hope I am, I hate the thought of someone being dragged in just because of me. However present form is not looking good.

Andrew arrives home from uni tomorrow, or rather we are supposed to be picking him up. It is still in the air as to whether I will go along for the ride or not. I'd like too as I'm so bored just sitting watching TV but I know I have to be really, really careful or I'll be straight back to square one.

Strictly Watch

Oh my goodness! Being deprived of my senses of smell, taste and hearing seem to have heightened my powers of prediction and I got it right. I think I might do the lottery numbers tonight before I lose it again.

I was mega happy to see Denise in the bottom two again though there was no way she wasn't going to go through. To be honest if I'd have been Lisa I'd have just thrown the towel in and conceded defeat right there. However this is Strictly and stranger things have happened. Denise could easily have fallen over and Lisa could have got her top line straight for the first time this series. If it had been down to sheer popularity Lisa would have walked it, such a shame.

So we now have the excitement of the final and the one dance I really, really want to see is Louis' show dance. I suspect even if he doesn't win it will be the dance of the night. Roll on Saturday.

Well time to decide on something for lunch, I've run out of garlicky things, much to Peter's relief I'm sure, so it is a choice between chilli or curry. Then this afternoon's task is decorating the Christmas tree. Peter will put it up and I will  add the pretty bits as and when I feel a burst of energy coming on. This might take a while.