Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Reasons To Be Cheerful

Well they say good things come in threes and there has certainly been a flurry of good news over the last 24 hours.

First up I got the results of a biopsy I had last week. A tiny lump was found in a routine mammogram, it is benign but I've opted to have it removed anyway as, once I've had my transplant and am on drugs to suppress my immunity, there is a slim chance it could turn into a problem in the future. I'm not looking forward to the removal, especially as despite discussions with the consultant, they've put me down for a general anesthetic which I can't have. However, after intense discussions on the phone, I think I've finally got my point across and I've got an appointment to discuss when and how tomorrow. As it's benign I'd rather wait until after Christmas but if they offer me something sooner then I won't be turning it down.

The second piece of good news was hearing that the Duchess of Cambridge is expecting but is currently suffering from acute morning sickness and is in hospital on a drip. As someone who also suffered badly from sickness she has my whole hearted sympathy.

Probably the best news though was logging into the PH forum to find that fellow sufferer Sita has been offered a heart and lungs. Sita has had as rough a ride as I have getting onto the list and has only been listed for a couple of months. I am so pleased for her but admit to feeling ever so slightly jealous. Still it proves that the system works and once on the list things can move pretty quickly. It's just getting on the damn list that is so long winded and frustrating.

My cold/flu has taken a bit of a downward slide, I knew I shouldn't have said I feel better, and I feel really stuffy nosed again today. I was also very sick again yesterday evening which might or might not be related. I've started steaming with Olbas Oil, which has served me well in the past so fingers crossed.

Peter is not fairing much better and came home from work all bunged up and coughing like a 60 per day smoker. He resorted to hot whiskey toddy's which at least did give him a good night's sleep.

We are out of milk, bread etc, etc so we have no choice but to take a quick trip to the shops to stock up. I'm going to get ingredients for some home made soups and stews so if we don't feel like eating much we will still be getting some healthy veggies inside us. We also need more paracetamol and honey and lemon. I don't really mind this as sometimes going out into fresh air clears the head better than anything else. I will be digging out my thermals though and will insist Peter does the same.

In the news, apart from the royal baby, is the row about big corporations avoiding paying tax.

Nothing winds me up more than reading how those that can easily afford to pay constantly avoid it. I hate the way the companies put up prices then announce billions of pounds in profits. Now I'm not saying they shouldn't make a profit, after all that is what they are in business for, but do they really need to make so much? And if they are making these huge profits why are they not paying their fair share of tax?

It seems Starbucks have seen the error of their ways and have approached the treasury to negotiate arrangements, whatever that means. Of course they only saw this error when the news of their tax avoidance got out and suddenly profits from British stores began to plummet. They forget that the British are not as 'precious' about their coffee drinking as the American's are and will happily walk past Starbucks and give their custom to someone like Costa rather than pay the outrageous prices Starbucks charge. You see above everything else the British have a sense of fair play, if they think someone is trying to cheat them they won't hesitate to let their feelings be known.

The other two companies named and shamed are Amazon and Google. These are going to be far more difficult to get a message across too, especially at this time of year. There are few compaines out there that can match Amazon for speed, service and choice and Amazon know it so are pretty comfortable knowing that they are unlike to see customers leaving in droves. As for Google, well is there anyone who doesn't use Google? No I though not.

Whatever happens I hope the treasury will see sense and start winkling the money owed out of these companies rather than hitting the public with more tax hikes in the new year.

Well time for a nice hot cuppa and then a root around the cupboards to find something to cook for lunch.