Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Not The Day I'd Planned

This will be a short one as I've had rather a traumatic day.

Oh my goodness I was so shocked when I pulled back the curtains and saw snow this morning.  I was not expecting that and neither were the weather people who all looked a little shell shocked. Thankfully it is not very deep and now the sun is out it is already starting to melt.

At time of writing the news on the lady having the heart/lung transplant is not looking good. She is out of theatre but there have been some complications. Everyone in the PH community is praying for her and is hoping for a more positive update soon.

Today I went to see the surgeon about my upcoming lump removal. I wasn't worried as I'd already been told it was benign and removal was just to prevent possible future problems. I got to the clinic at 11.10 and by 13.30 I was in theatre having surgery. Now I know I wanted them to move fast but this was a bit too quick. Luckily everything went smoothly and by 1530 I was discharged with an appointment next week to have the stitches removed.

In a way I'm really happy because that was the very last hurdle to transplant so now when I go to see the surgeons on the 20th all the results will be in and, provided no one throws me a curve ball, I'll sign the consent forms and be listed. At least I won't be spending Christmas with the frustration of still waiting for things to happen. It is all done now so I can start to relax again.

Well I'm very tired, very sore and desperate for something to eat so I'm off to plonk myself on the settee and relax.