Friday, 14 December 2012

Smell The Coffee

Well progress is slow but I am definitely getting there. Managed a shower this morning, which meant I could wash my hair, thank God, and feel heaps better just for that.

My breathing is improving but I still need oxygen for moving around so my trip to hospital this afternoon will be in the wheelchair. I did toy with cancelling but this result is far too important to me and I didn't want to spend the entire Christmas period worrying about it and fretting about the delay this will cause at Papworth.

I have seen my doctor however who is pleased with my progress and has re-started my diuretics now that the risk of dehydration has passed. I am to make an appointment to see him at the surgery early next week for a check but he thinks I am out of the woods now. So that is reassuring.

Although my nose is fairly clear I still cannot smell or taste anything. In desperation I requested a bag of Tangtastics when Peter went out to get some shopping. I figured that if I was going to taste anything is would be these babies but no such luck. It was like chewing cow gum so unusually the bag lies open and untouched at present. I have managed to add soup to my list of 'things I can drink' and two cans went down a treat yesterday even though I couldn't taste anything I could imagine the taste, which made things more palatable The embargo on cold drinks has been lifted and I quickly downed a ginger beer relishing the bubbles popping on my tongue and the slight sting from the ginger, sadly no real taste though but a sensation will do for now.

I am worried about my lack of taste as I don't feel like eating anything and can't tempt myself with any exciting smells or cravings. This is something I'm going to have to overcome in the next few days though or there could be problems. I weighed myself this morning, I know I said I wouldn't but I figured knowing the worst was better than imagining it, and I've lost three pounds so far. Not a huge amount I must admit but when you think of how much it took to put it on it becomes a bit of a big deal.

Spoke to Andrew last night to arrange when to collect his things from uni for Christmas. He cheerfully announced that there would probably be some washing, you don't say.

On a more serious note he was assaulted by a mental health patient yesterday and escaped serious injury by a cats whisker. His crew were sent to pick up this patient, who was being sectioned, and transfer them to hospital. It was not expected to be a difficult job and as there were three of them no police back up was called for. Things went well enough until they tried to get the man into the ambulance and then he changed his mind and kicked off big time. In the ensuing struggle Andrew got the ambulance door slammed into his face. Luckily he saw it coming and, thanks to his 'ninja' reflexes, managed to get an arm up to protect himself just in time or he could have broken his nose and possibly lost some teeth. The man was eventually subdued and is now safely in hospital.

This week he has mostly been dealing with strokes, cardiac arrests and old ladies falling down and hurting themselves. All without fail have remarked on his youthful appearance and called him a 'lovely young man', aww. He has passed all the bits he had to pass and has had loads of practice on blood pressures and ECG's and form filling. His last shift is on Monday so we are picking him up on Tuesday, hopefully by then I will at least be well enough to go along for the ride.

Just as I was about to publish this I got a call from the Breast clinic at the hospital.

It is good news there were no cancer cells in the lump removed and I have the all clear. I will need another mammogram in a year and if that is all clear back to the normal three year gap. I can make an appointment with my GP nurse next week to have the stitches out. They are rushing the written confirmation to me so I will have it to take up to Papworth next week. They thought that it might be better for me not to attend clinic given my condition and the filthy weather. I am both gob smacked at this consideration and ellaited at the result. Last hurdle well and truly cleared.

Well time for another cup of puddle water and then a busy afternoon on the phone letting everyone know that this time is is good news.