Sunday, 23 December 2012


Oh my goodness! I don't know what came over me but I went to Tesco this morning for some last minute bits and pieces. To be fair I had no trouble parking but once inside it was bedlam.

I had an unfortunate encounter with a Tesco employee before I even got into the store. This woman was leaning against the door frame of the entrance puffing away on a cigarette and blowing smoke over everyone trying to get into the store. As I approached she casually threw her fag end onto the floor, despite standing right next to a bin, when it landed right by my feet. She looked at me as if daring me to say something and then turned and went inside. All Christmas spirit deserted me at this point and I went straight over to customer services to complain. The woman I complained to asked for a description of the offending employee and seemed just as annoyed as I was. Will my complaint get taken seriously? Who knows but I hope it does because I'm pretty sure that is an image Tesco does not want to be known for.

Once home and with the fruit and veg safely stowed I'm in the rather unusual and pleasant position of being ahead of myself as far as preparation is concerned. So this afternoon I'm going to sit down for a couple of hours, nurse a Bailey's and chill out. I got the all clear from the doctor and although I'm still coughing there is no infection left and my oxygen sats have returned to normal so I will be working on Christmas Day.

Although no one wants to work at Christmas I am pleased that no one will have to have their Christmas ruined by being called in to cover me. A lot of my colleagues have young families and I know what a magical time it can be for kiddies. My children are grown men now and Laurence always works Christmas as, being single, he prefers New Year off so he can party with his mates. So our Christmas is being delayed by a couple of days and to be honest no one really minds.

Strictly Watch

Oh my goodness, what a show. I knew as soon as I saw Louis' show dance that he'd got it in the bag. What a lift and how brave was Flavia to allow him to even attempt it.

I was really torn this year. I really did not want Denise to win, she always had an air about he that she was expecting to be the winner from day one. However I really like James and would love him to win one year, just not this year. Vincent is another favourite of mine and yes I would have like to see him lift the glitter ball but unfortunately the show dance was awful, he would have been much better off basing it on what he is really good at and that is Tango. Kimberley has grown on me throughout the series and I really would not have minded her winning, however my favourite from day one has been Louis. Unfortunately Louis is a bit unpredictable and can let the side down when everyone expects to see spectacular, take his jive, such a disappointment. Last night though he was perfect and I bounced up and down on the settee when he won.

There were mutterings about Brucie from some of my friends, saying he was too bossy, got in the way and was generally annoying. Yes he is all those things but he is not half as bad as Tess, who this year decided to turn up dressed as a oven ready chicken. The problem is that Bruce for all his faults is the perfect host for Strictly and despite his age can still ad lib in a crisis and keep things flowing nicely when chaos is reigning all around him.

I can't imagine Strictly without Bruce but we all know that the time will come, whether by his own decision or by natures, but when it does I think Strictly will be poorer without him.

Well time to cook up a storm for lunch, creamy tomato pasta bake today, then a nice little time out before it all starts again.