Sunday, 2 December 2012


I have finally got rid of my headache and my appetite is returning but still have sore joints . This is all good news as it seems my bout of mini flu might be on the wain, excellent!

I felt so well this morning I casually mentioned work but got slapped down straight away by both Peter and Andrew. To be honest I wasn't really being serious. I know that for people with chronic illness flu can be a killer, to risk my life when I am in grasping distance of a cure would be the height of stupidity. I'd also probably end up being off longer after catching something else too. This 'putting myself first' business is really difficult when you know how much pressure everyone is in at work but at the end of the day I've got to look at the bigger picture. I'm, hopefully, going to get a transplant and after that everything will change. I will still have to look after myself but with a bit of luck my sick days will be less and I'll be well enough to work full time, I just have to be patient for a little bit longer. Easier said than done.

Yesterday saw me firmly settled in front of the TV while being waited on hand and foot, something else I find difficult. We watched the film Phantom of the Opera and I told Andrew how Peter and I went to see it when it was playing at Her Majesty's Theatre in London before Laurence arrived on the scene. The discussion got me hankering after our early days when we could do these sort of things without spending weeks arranging babysitters. So I've decided we need to start doing it again and have scanned the programme from the MK theatre and quite fancy 9 - 5 and The Rocky Horror Picture Show. All I've got to do now is buy the tickets.

I'm A Celebrity Watch

Yes Charlie won!

It has been a very good series this year. There have been a couple of blips but none of the nastiness that some years have had. Some people will say this has made it a bit boring, not me, anything that has David Haye being gnawed by a Bandicoot is entertainment enough.

As usual I am sad that it is all over but in other ways glad as sustaining all my reality shows was becoming a bit of a strain.

Strictly Watch

Oh my goodness, what happened to Louis?

He was absolutely fabulous, I enjoyed his dance so much I replayed it twice. Needless to say I was cock-a-hoop when he knocked Denise off the top spot. I must say I found James' protests of it being him that messed up a bit lame.

The only other dance I didn't like was poor old Michael's. The judges are right, he is stiff and he is awkward, which is a pity because his ballroom is almost faultless.

I think Michael will be in the bottom two as for who joins him, well it could be any of them now though I think Lisa might find herself there. I don't know why I feel that should be though.

Well I'm off to attempt a bit of cooking, nothing elaborate, pasta with a simple tomato sauce then back on the settee for the afternoon. I just hope there's something good on.