Friday, 28 December 2012

My Merry Christmas

Well I have to say working on Christmas Day was actually quite nice.

There were of course very few of us in but we were not overwhelmed and a lot of the calls were just seeking advice so all in all a fairly quiet day. We were treated to bacon sandwiches and as everyone had brought food in there was enough to feed a small army.

Even though I worked my full ten hours for the first time in eighteen months the day passed quickly and I was soon on my way home where I was greeted with a lovely meal of home made meatloaf with barbecue sauce, peas, hash browns and fresh fruit. After getting well and truly stuffed we all sat down and watched the film Love Actually, one of our favourite Christmas time films, with a bottle of wine and tin of Quality Street.. Not everyone's idea of a perfect Christmas but good enough for me.

Laurence arrive late afternoon Boxing Day and I prepared a special tea of cheese board, sausage rolls, pickles, crackers and fruit which we picked at as we caught up, not having seen each other for almost a month. And then we sat down for our first film night in almost a year. We watched The Mask of Zorro, not exactly Christmassy but one of the boys favourites.

Yesterday was our big Christmas Day. We shut our doors to the world and had a belated turkey dinner with all the trimmings and for once I ate the lot and kept it down. I couldn't manage the ice cream but had a bowl later in the day. We exchanged presents and everyone was delighted as we had all managed to get exactly what everyone wanted this year. Usually there are a few naff presents but not this year. We then settled down to watch Prometheus.

In the evening Laurence went to the pub with some school mates and then went home as he has to work again today, such a shame but he will be back on New Years Eve, when he will stay a bit longer.

So today I've got the usual task of stripping the turkey of the rest of it's meat and freezing it for future use. I'm leaving some out though along with some left over stuffing as there is nothing I like more that a turkey and stuffing sandwich. Then I have clean up the spare room and change the sheets in preparation for another visitor. Svet, Andrew's Bulgarian girlfriend, is arriving tomorrow for a week's stay. So this year's New Year's Day lunch will be for five instead of four.

This afternoon we are off out to do a bit of shopping, namely Andrew is going to get an extra present for Svet, and Peter and I will mooch around the sales, not with any intention of buying anything, but just to see what is there.

Talking of sales I was appalled at the pictures of crowds in Selfridges on Boxing Day grabbing anything they could get their hands on. This was not 'need' this was pure 'greed' and the shoppers really didn't care what they ended up with as long as they got something.

Maybe it is me but I've never bought something just because it's a 'bargain'. If it is something I want or need and it is on sale then fair enough. I've never been able to understand the mentality of people who spend the night on the pavement outside a shop just so they can be first through the door. Crazy!

Christmas Strictly Watch

I have to say I wasn't exactly impressed with this year's effort.

Maybe I just wasn't in the mood, I'd made the mistake of watching Eastenders first, or maybe it was just that I'd had my fill of Strictly this year but it just didn't grab me. I also felt the wrong person won, personally I feel the footballer was the best, and you all know how I feel about footballers.

To be honest the TV this Christmas has mostly been pants.

I've enjoyed the re-runs of Morecombe and Wise on BBC2 and have loved some of the Disney films and the Carry On marathon but most of it has been, well dreary.

There is little to look forward to in 2013 either so maybe a trip to Waterson's with my book tokens might be in order. I have a feeling I'll be reading a lot more this year, until Strictly, I'm A Celeb and Appretice starts up again that is.

Well it is omelets all round for lunch as a 'light' meal has been requested after yesterday's blow out and then time to hit the shops. Wish me luck!