Sunday, 4 May 2014

Wash Day Blues.

Talk about rushed off your feet! There's me looking forward to a relaxing extended break and then all hell lets loose.

Friday was as busy as it was pleasurable. My MP3 player had died so I was on the hunt for a replacement. This meant that after doing the grocery shop and having a quick lunch we were off to Milton Keynes in the hope I'd be able to find something to my taste.

Last time I went looking for a MP3 player I had so much choice, this time no choice at all unless I wanted an iPod, which I didn't, or something made by Sony. I don't buy anything from Sony on principles as I object to their sweatshop way of manufacture. So in the main shopping center that left me with absolutely no choice at all. We widened our search and ended up in Maplin, where I bought a nice looking MP3 player with a brand name I've never heard of.  It wasn't exactly what I wanted but it will do for the purpose it was intended. It was cheap at £39 and holds 4GB so perfect for my hospital stay. Due to the price if it gets broken, lost or stolen it won't be a tragedy. It is also easy to charge from a laptop so that means one less plug to carry with me. For my home/everyday use I've ordered a Creative Zen Touch. I've always like Zen's and hope this one is as good as my dead one.

Of course I couldn't go to Milton Keynes without calling on a few other shops. I came back with a huge amount, well for me, and most I designated 'essential'. I bought a load of bath bombs from Lush, some Bio Oil, which actually is quite essential. I have very dry skin and I smear myself in the stuff after a warm bath. I use it everywhere, arms, legs, face, neck and it works a treat. The amount I got yesterday will last me until at least Christmas so not such a guilty purchase. The one buy I do regret is a tube of BB cream. It was half price and I was seduced by clever sales talk. I tried it yesterday and although it was OK, the coverage was rather good actually, I hated the way it felt sticky to touch. It promise to sink in without any residue oiliness or shine. My face shone like a beacon and I looked as though I'd been dipped in a tub of Vaseline. I won't waste it, I hate waste, but it will be worn occasionally rather than daily.

Yesterday it was off up to Rushden to help Laurence with his washing machine crisis. After a quick examination the machine was declared dead and so it was off to Argos to collect a new one. We had lunch first and then Peter and Laurence went out while Andrew and I cleared away and washed up. Half an hour later they were back and the new machine was installed and set to run. Andrew was positioned in the utility room to watch for leaks and Peter and Laurence disappeared again. After struggling all winter to dry his clothes, Laurence had decided to invest in a tumble drier. They were soon back and the tumbler was duly installed on top of the washing machine. The small leak that Andrew discovered was stopped and then they were off again, this time to the tidy tip to dispose of the old machine. Then it was a quick dash home so Andrew could go back to Hatfield to attend the end of course party. I've been told not to expect him back today.

So today id definitely a 'do nothing day', tomorrow, if the weather is nice, I'm going to venture into the garden and check out the decking and the wooden furniture to see if it needs a coat of varnish before it is brought into use for the summer.

Britain's Got Talent

Oh dear! Rather a lack luster show last night with no one act either good enough or bad enough to really stand out.

We had dancers who, from a distance, looked naked. All I have to say about that is if you have to look naked to get through then your dancing isn't up to much. We had a blue puppet with an annoying voice, the usual child, this time dressed in white with a white piano, yawn, and a variety of singers who couldn't.

For me there were three acts that caught my attention. One was an illusionist who was, fair play, pretty good. Then we had a boy band who sang a rat pack song very well. What a relief, young men not trying to be One Direction and my favourite, the worst impressionist in the whole world. He was so, so bad but hilarious because he really though he was good and look totally bewildered when told no he wasn't.

I'm beginning to loose hope with this year's series. There is only so much one human brain can take before it gives up, and I think I'm reaching that point. There may not be a BGT round up next week, well maybe.