Monday, 26 May 2014

Brushing Myself Down and Starting Again

Well despite the weather taking another slide into autumn I'm actually feeling a but more positive today. I guess I just needed that one day of feeling really down before I could pick myself up and move on. It also helps that I've woken up feeling much better. I was quite poorly midweek but this morning I managed the stairs without feeling puffed out and exhausted by the time I reached the top. I've also made a conscious effort to stop checking everything every five minutes so I'm also feeling a lot less tense. I don't think I'll ever get back to being as relaxed about the pump and line as I was but maybe I needed to be shaken out of my complacency, maybe I'd become a little too comfortable with it.

I suppose there is one good thing to come out of all this. The freezer is now crammed full of spicy lamb tagine and chicken curry so if I got the call tonight my boys won't starve, at least for this week. My appetite has also returned and I haven't lost as much weight as I thought I had so that is also a bonus. I'm planning a huge plate of pasta for lunch today in the hope it will give me some of my energy back as I'm still struggling a bit with fatigue.

So yesterday, as I was in such a mood I got on and forced myself to do all the mundane boring stuff such as the ironing, cleaning out the kitchen and bathrooms and a bit of dusting. I was shattered afterwards but my anger had been put to good use and the result was a very shiny bathroom and kitchen. I had to light a couple of incense sticks afterwards though as the smell of bleach was a bit overwhelming. The only things left are the floors but I can't do them myself so Andrew has promised to give them the once over tomorrow. He is providing medical cover for the Reading Carnival today so is a bit tied up.

As he is nearly qualified, he actually registers in August, he thought he'd get some practical experience, and earn a bit of money, by joining a private agency which covers outdoor events through the summer. So far he's cover the Milton Keynes run, a run/carnival outside Buckingham Palace and several other village fetes. The most serious thing he's had to deal with so far is a broken finger. However he has got to meet some minor politicians and celebrities who turn up to give prizes etc. Most notable among these are Ed Mililband, and Mo Farah. Seems like he's having an awful lot of fun and has now been instructed to 'get autographs'.

Having not taken much interest in the local elections I spent the late evening eagerly watching the results come in for the European elections. By the time I went to bed at just past midnight UKIP were already in the lead so I wasn't at all surprised to see they'd trounced the other parties when I read the newspaper this morning. This has left me with distinctly mixed feelings as I wanted someone to slap the other parties around the face and tell them to get a grip. However I'm not sure I wanted UKIP to be the ones to do it. Will they make much of a difference? I doubt it but one things for sure, unless the main parties start listening to the common man, it is going to be a very interesting general election next year.

Britain's Got Talent Watch

Well it was the last of the auditions and just when you think you have got home free and dry along comes 'pretentious child'. PC was everything I hate in child performers, huge ego, mediocre talent and zero charm.

The trouble I've had with this year's BGT is that all the really good acts are not British at all. We have an American puppet, a Canadian magician and French dancers to name but three. Being a bit of a purist I would really, really like a British act to win this year but in all honesty I don't think we have a chance. As usual the non British acts are a million times better than us and will probably beat us at our own game. I am so torn. My favourite act, the group that turns themselves into robots using LED's, is fabulous and worthy winners but they are not British. However if I support a British act who would I choose out of the endless boy bands, girls bands and one dancing granny, and even she has a Spanish partner. I would really, really like the winner not to be either a dance act or a band but that means the winner probably won't be British. Arrrggghhhh! I give up, as long as it isn't that damned purple puppet I will be content.

So back to last night's efforts. Apart from PC there was a comedian and impressionist who was surprisingly good and the rest, well to be honest were mostly singers and were mostly mediocre. I did like the Meatloaf tribute act though but probably for all the wrong reasons as I found him hilarious. To be honest I can't remember any of the others well enough to make individual comments, yep, I was that impressed.

So we then had the spectacle of watching the judges knock over two hundred acts down to the final forty. I've never understood this part of the show. The 'discussion' always seems so forced and rehearsed and I've never understood why they have to drag all two hundred acts up to London or wherever, in full costume, just to tell them to go home again. Why not just send them a nice email?

The live shows start tonight and are on every night up until the grand final at the weekend. Needless to say I will not be commenting, or indeed watching, every show. For me the fun bit is over as I always find the bad acts much more entertaining than the good ones.

Right time to get going on that pasta. I am intending to go back to work tomorrow so, providing nothing else goes wrong, the next blog will be on Friday. Take care.