Sunday, 11 May 2014

Strange Saturday.

I had a lovely day yesterday. I did nothing. Today I intend to have similar time.

To be fair I actually did get quite a lot of things done but they were pleasurable. I cooked a special lunch for my boys, unfortunately Laurence was at work so I only got two, and supervised a bit of gardening in between the showers. Mostly though, I sat on my backside and watched TV. I started off with the Grand Prix qualifying, which was a lot more interesting than normal and bodes well for the actual race.

In the evening I watched BGT and am really glad I did, more of that later, then it was a choice of Eurovision or something else, I went for something else. I used to be an avid watcher but over the years politics, like everything else it touches, has ruined it for me. You know who is going to vote for whom before voting even starts. There is no tension anymore. I suppose you could say the weird and wonderful novelty acts are worth the hours of air time but they are too few and far between to waste my time. I didn't miss it. Instead I got my belly laughs from Red Dwarf.

As you know I occasionally add recipes to my blogs to share. Over the years I've received a few comments asking for photos so the reader knows what the dish is supposed to look like. So in response to this, here is the dish I cooked yesterday complete with pictures. Let me know what you think.

Creamy spicy sausage pasta (serves 4)

You will need approx 11/2 pound ripe tomatoes skinned, seeds removed and cut into quarters. Spicy Italian or Spanish sausage (I'm using chorizo today) sliced, fresh rosemary finely chopped, 300ml single cream, 1 - 2 teaspoons dried chilli flakes, depending on how hot you want it, a little oil.

Rub a small amount of oil around the base of a non stick frying pan and set on high heat to warm.

Added the sausage and fry until browned on both sides.

Remove excess oil from pan with a paper towel. This is important, the cream with separate if this is not done.

Lower heat to medium and add the tomatoes, 3 tablespoons of water and the rosemary and cook until soft and 'mushy', about 5 - 7 minutes.

Lower heat to lowest setting and add cream and chilli. Cook for 5 - 7 minutes until sauce thickens and reduces slightly.

Add half the sauce to cooked pasta, penne or fusilli works best, and stir well. I never weigh my pasta so can't give you an exact weight, my best guess is approx 350 - 400gms. Plate up and then pour the remaining sauce over the top. Alternatively put pasta in a serving dish and let diners serve themselves. This is a heavy, rich sauce so a green leaf salad would be the best side dish.

Britain's Got Talent Watch

It was weird week this week. Last week I said I'd all but given up watching but I'm so glad I didn't.

First up was Simon Cowell. Yes really! Obviously not THE Simon Cowell, he has no discernible talent, but a man blessed with the same name and very little of anything else. He sang a nice song nicely but without any verve or panache but got through anyway.

Next up was a scary troop of dancers who were quite good but I'm getting rather board of dance acts now. They are all doing the same moves to the same frantic music and only the costumes seem to change. They got thought though, I think the judges were too scared to say no.

The joy of the night for me was another dancer going by the name of Rafe (excuse spelling). He was a fairly good looking chap with an ego the size of Jupiter. When asked whether he had a girlfriend he said there was someone but they could not be together. Awww, went the audience, awww, went the judges. Intrigued they probed further. Was this a love lorn suitor who's lady love was already taken perhaps? By now the audience were right behind him despite Rafe not having actually done anything yet. However, not one to recognise an advantage when it presents itself, Rafe showed his true character by admitting he dumped her because she was getting in the way of his ambition. Way to go Rafe! With audience and judges aghast Rafe launched into a rather bizarre dance that Rafe was convinced would land him a place in a Bollywood film. Amanda spoke for everyone when she announced 'I'm really disappointed. I though we were going to get some real Bollywood dancing.'  Rafe was also disappointed when he was unanimously voted off.

Among the best of the rest was an impressionist who was actually quite good. And yet another scary dance troop dressed as tubby majorettes.

The weirdest act was three male dances wearing high heels and dancing to the Spice Girls. They managed to be fascinating and disturbing all at the same time. Full marks though as they pulled moves I'd never manage in stilettos, at least not without breaking an ankle.

Yay! I have found a child act I actually like. The last act was brilliant and got Simon's golden buzzer. They were two boys with a rap about bullying and for once I really liked it. They were like a mini Ant and Dec and as normal as they come. I rather hope they get to the finals.

Finally, in the news.

It was all over the papers yesterday about an elderly man trying to 'walk off' with a toddler in a shopping center. My paper even likened the incident to the James Bulger case. The man, in his eighties, thought the child was lost and was taking the boy to a nearby woman he thought was the mum. The police sent out warnings and wanted 'witnesses' to come forward. The man himself turned himself in and after an 'investigation' was released without charge after police concluded he meant no harm and was just trying to do the right thing. So where was the mum in all this. She had already entered a shop leaving her child to follow 'some yards' behind her. Why has no one had a go her for not taking care of her son properly in a busy shopping center? When my two were small if they wanted to walk they either held my hand or held onto the pushchair. They were not allowed to wander around behind me.

Accidents happen, bad things happen, but if this woman was paying attention all this fuss and bother, not to mention police time and scaring an innocent old man, could have been avoided. Has this woman apologised to the old gent? I very much doubt it, I suspect she is still seething with (misplaced) indignation that the man was not slung in the cells. After all it won't be her fault that her son was put in danger would it!