Friday, 30 May 2014

Appreciating What I Have

No matter how much I moan about it or how much I'm warned against going, I've finally worked out why I go to work.

It's not the money, though of course that helps, it's not the companionship, though I am deeply grateful for the friendship and affection I feel from my colleagues. I go because it is one of the best therapies in the world. I deal with funny, sad, stupid and utterly bizarre situations every single day and each time I finish a call I find myself thinking 'I'm glad I don't have your life mate.'

There are so many people out there who just don't seem to be able to cope with the basics of life such as just talking a problem out. Others are in situations that they feel they have no way out of and then there are the vast majority who just seem intent on making things worse for themselves and everyone else around them. I really do not understand how, or why, people can't just talk to each other these days. It seems everyone thinks they are on Jeremy Kyle and expects someone else to sort out a problem that only a few years ago would have been worked out with a shouting match and a bit of sulking.

Coming home after a day of such problems I walk through the door at home and back into normality with my normal kids, normal husband and normal cat. Yes we have had our problems, and yes, I'm pretty sure we'll have more but that is what life is about isn't it? And each time I walk through that door and hug Peter I am so grateful that tonight we'll sit on the settee and watch something on TV and just be content. Some people thrive on drama, last week proved I really don't. It's the calm life for me without question.

A more relaxed Andrew with (a slightly less relaxed) Smirnoff
Not all drama can be eliminated however and as I'm typing this I'm waiting for the next round in my ongoing battle with Healthcare At Home.

I'm due a delivery today and their tracker says it will arrive somewhere between eight and ten so they have approximately forty minutes to get it right. Of course getting the delivery on the day promised and at the time promised is only half the battle. You then have to hope and prey that what they have delivered is actually for you. Last month I had all sorts of problems, as documented in this blog, and from reading the PH face book page the problems are ongoing with several people complaining that H@H have got it wrong again. Honestly I really don't get this company. How hard can it be? Still there is no point in getting worked up until the problem has occurred. Will this be the delivery where I don't have to ring them to complain about anything? I doubt it but we live in hope.

On a brighter note I am hospital free this weekend. No check ups, no warfarin checks, no tests. This is a rare event for me because I've usually got an appointment for something or other on a Friday. So what am I going to do with this free day? Well nothing at the moment as I'm sitting waiting for sodding H@H, they are now late by the way, and drinking tea. If only the weather was better at least I could do my waiting in the sunshine on the patio but I can't. Once the delivery has arrived, if it arrives, I've decided to do the grocery shop in the hope that if things improve on Saturday and Sunday we will then be free to make the most of it. I have to say that, considering it is June on Sunday, the weather is pretty pants and I've taken to wearing socks around the house again as my feet are so cold.

We have had good news this week though. Andrew has passed his finals so all we have to do now is wait for the verification and then he can register as a fully qualified paramedic. I have to say it is a big sigh of relief all around, and I have my lovely sunny boy back instead of the rather prickly, tense one I've been living with for the last few weeks.  His mood has been further lifted by the amount of work he is getting from this private company. He is attending a weekend event in London Zoo and Regents Park this weekend and then he is off to a fashion event in London mid week. The money he gets is very good and he is using it to pay for his C1 training and test, which he has to complete before he starts work. He will be reimbursed once he starts work but he has to pay up front, which I think is a little unfair considering he is a student and the course is over a thousand pounds.

Right time get onto the phone to H@H to check my delivery is actually arriving today. That's another hour on hold I'm never going to get back.