Friday, 2 May 2014

Talking 'bout My Medication


Bloody Healthcare at Home. You would have thought wouldn't you that changing a medication would be simple. Not where H@H is concerned it's not.

I was due a delivery today of medication and all the bits that go with it such as syringes etc. I'd been reassured when I left the Brompton on Monday that H@H had been told about the change so all should be OK. This morning I checked my tracker to see when my delivery time slot was. Nothing for me listed so I rang them. After ages hanging on the phone I got through to a chap who told my my medication had been cancelled. It seems they'd read the part of the notice that said cancel but not the part that said replace. I'm ashamed to say I lost it and gave the bloke on the end of the line the dressing down of his life. Honestly the problems I've had with this firm over the last twelve months is enough to drive anybody mental. Chastened he apologised profusely, said he would reinstate my order with the new medication and it would all be delivered on Wednesday. I also contacted Carl to let him know what had happened and he is going to have a go at them also. I tell you if my order doesn't arrive correctly on Wednesday you'll be seeing me on the news bulletins because I'll have driven to my local depot and killed someone.

Apart from that my new Veletri has been wonderful. I'm still getting to grips with working out a new routine but I think I've more or less got is sussed out now and as a result have bags more time. I'm still getting mini panic attacks thinking I should have change my cassette over by now etc, etc but overall I am really happy. The drug seems to be having a positive effect on my breathing as well and I am a lot better. So much so I can now walk to the canteen in work without my oxygen, bonus! The only down side is that the nausea has returned. It is not as bad as it was with the Flolan and I'm not actually vomiting so that's good but of course it means my appetite has fallen away again. And if I don't eat I lose weight so here we go again. Overall though I think Veletri has been a very good move for me and once the nausea stops I think it will really make a big difference, at least to how I spend my time.

So it is bank holiday weekend and I have Monday off, yes I did check before I left yesterday. I don't want anymore embarrassing moments turning up when I'm not supposed to. However it is unlikely to be an entirely restful one. Laurence's washing machine broke down this week and we are going up to Rushden to help him collect and install a new one tomorrow. Today I'm doing my usual Tesco run, picking up my prescription for my other drugs from my GP and then I'm off on a mission.

My MP3 player finally died on me and I cannot bare the thought of being in hospital with my music so I'm going on a hunt to find a new one at a decent price. I haven't really got any idea of what I want apart from it is not going to be in iPod. I want to listen to my music without restraints so that is an immediate rejection. Whether I find anything I don't know but I'm hopeful.

In the news I'm disturbed by the sudden and vicious attacks on Jeremy Clarkson. In the latest attack someone took a rejected segment of Clarkson supposedly saying a racist word. This clip had been rejected by Clarkson himself because he felt it would be misinterpreted but someone saw fit to send it to Clarkson's arch rival's former newspaper and now the permanently offended are screaming for blood.  I've watched the clip and to be honest you need to have the hearing of a hawk to make anything out. Now I don't condone racism in any shape or form and I have to admit that sometimes Clarkson sails very close to the wind. Having said that some of the claims have been rather stupid. Apparently calling your dog after a footballer you admire is racist now just because both dog and footballer are black. Surely that's a compliment not racist? Or am I seriously missing something here? Anyway, I just think things have been blown up out of all proportion and it's about time the howlers got a grip. I suspect if I called a white cat David Beckham no one would turn a hair, unless it was to question my taste that is.

Shopping awaits, I bet I come back with everything but an MP3 player. Someone warn the bank, Hazel is on the loose with her credit card.