Friday, 16 May 2014

A Small Step Forward

Yesterday was another of those days when you start off doing a chore and end up getting an immense amount of pleasure out of the day.

It was my car's first year service and although' with the Motobility scheme, I don't have to pay for it I was still nervous about what they would find to change or replace. So it was with some trepidation that Peter and I set off in convoy to drop it off at the dealers for it's check up. When we arrive the mechanic went around it with a check list and remarked at how well I'd looked after it. Apparently a lot of mobility vehicles are mobile skips as the drivers don't bother to look after them as they don't own them. I was given a time for pick up and off we went to spend another day wandering around in the sun.

We decided to head for Watford town center first and after going around the charity shops, I got three books, we stopped for lunch at the Subway. We were just finishing our meal when Peter made an observation. Not only had I eaten the whole sub but I'd demolished the cookie and finished my drink. 'You ate all your burger and chips yesterday too.' I hadn't realised but not only do I no longer feel sick with this new drug but I also have my appetite back and am eating full meals again. Oh my goodness how strange, and how wonderful. We discussed how this could be possible. Basically Veletri is the same as Flolan but of course the composition is different in order to make it stable in air. Quite obviously the change has been of benefit to me in more than one way. Hurray! That means no more worry bout my weight. I should be able to put it on and keep it on.

In the afternoon we went to Boreham Wood and spent a pleasant hour wandering the high street looking at all the plaques they have there about the film industry. We then headed to Starbucks where I downed a very large Chai before heading back to the garage to pick up my baby.

It seems that my care was evident on the inside as well as the exterior. All they had to do was the usual fluid changes and give it a quick wash. They were happy, I was happy, it was smiles all around.

On the way home up the motorway I wound down the windows, turned up my music and went for it. I couldn't get a comb through my hair afterwards but it was the perfect end to an absolutely brilliant day.

Today I was brought down to earth with a visit to the Warfarin clinic. Fortunately we'd got there early again and I was in and out quiet quickly. However I was there long enough to be put at risk of a bloody cold. Although there were a lot of free seats this enormous woman decided to sit beside me. It was only after she'd been sitting for a few minutes that I realised she had a streaming cold. I'm afraid I did the rudest thing and I got up and moved. I felt a bit awkward because she was different race to me and I really hope she doesn't think I moved because of her colour.

That chore over it was time for the next one and the weekly shop. This week I turned up armed with alcohol wipes and insisted Peter wipe down the trolley handle etc before touching it. When we finished I insisted he washed his hands in alcohol gel before getting back in the car. Why the sudden paranoia? I made the huge mistake of watching The Food Inspectors on BBC1 last night and it completely freaked me out. They tested the handles of supermarket trolleys and it turns out they are basically mobile toilets. I really cannot afford to get sick so it will be alcohol wipes and hand gel for every visit from now on.

I walked around Tesco's without assistance and this afternoon I ran, yes ladies and gents, ran up the stairs in my house. A minor miracle has happened and I suddenly feel really, really well. I cannot remember when I last felt as well as this. I have no idea what has happened. There are several reasons for my sudden flush of health. It could be the weather. I always feel better in good weather provided it isn't too hot. It could be the drug, if my appetite has improved maybe other things have as well. It could be that because I'm eating better I have more energy or, and most likely, a combination of all three. I know it won't last but I'm going to make the most of it while it does.

While we were out Andrew spent most of the day cleaning the decking and sorting out the furniture. Diana is paying a visit on Sunday and if it is nice I thought we could sit outside. All that needs doing now is the grass cutting and the garden will actually start to look more presentable than it has for a couple of years. It was too wet to do anything much last year so it had got a bit overgrown.

In the news I was very saddened to learn of the death of Stephen Sutton at the age of 19. Stephen suffered from bowel cancer for most of his young life and worked hard to raise awareness and money in the hope that one day there will be no more bowel cancer (or any other cancer for that matter) and if there is it can be cured. There are people who do not stay in this world long but achieve so much and there are those that stay for a long, long time and achieve very little. I think we all know which category Stephen fell into.