Saturday, 31 May 2014

Friends, Roman, PH Sufferers. Lend Me You Support!

Arrrrgggghhhhh! I could just scream and scream! However I haven't got the breath for that so have resorted to sending emails instead. I don't think I need to explain, I think the following says it all.

Mr. Gordon
Once again I have to write to you because once again I have been let down by your company.
I last wrote to you on 23/05/2014 because no one had bothered to ring me regarding my stock check and I’d been unable to get through on the phone. I duly got a call, after what I presume was your intervention, and the stock numbers were passed and arrangements made to collect the excess Flolan stock, and the two cadd pumps I still have waiting to be sent off for service, since last August.
This morning I went onto your website and got this message

Delivery driver: Not Yet Known
Delivery Day :30 May 2014
We currently estimate that your delivery will arrive between 08:00 and 10:00 today.
By 10.30 nothing had arrived so I rang your company to find out where the delivery was. After hanging on for 17 minutes I got through to someone who said she’d check and promptly put me on hold for a further 4 minutes. When she returned she said that there was no delivery scheduled today and that the order was still with the pharmacist. She could not tell me when this order will be delivered.
You do not seem to get that in order to receive these deliveries one of us has to take time off work. Even our employers are getting fed up with us taking a morning off to receive the delivery only to be told we have to take another day off because it didn’t arrive. Not only are you messing with my health and my life but you also seem intent on getting us all sacked.
Your company is a disgrace!
And please do not get one of your minions to call me like you did last time. I am beyond being soothed by someone going on about the difficulties your company has had lately. Frankly that is not my problem. My only concern is that I get the correct medication on the correct day at the correct time. If that is too much for you then you are in the wrong business.
Oh and finally could you tell you call handlers that when someone is complaining that being patronising and saying they understand does not go down well. They don’t understand because they are not the ones on the end of the line hoping they will still be alive on Monday without the medication they need.
You disgust me.

And then this morning I sent this.

Mr Gordon
Further to my email of 30th May, I have now received my medication. It arrived at 1750 yesterday. However only the drug arrived, I did not get the solution to dilute it, needles, cassette, batteries or indeed any of the items needed to prepare and administer said drug. What to you expect me to do? Inhale it?
So after another stressful weekend of appalling service a journalist friend of mine has decided to take up the cause. He has a nationwide radio show, actually the show is also broadcast in many other countries too and will be featuring your company on an upcoming show. He has also contacted journalist friends of his at The Sun and the BBC, who are very interested.
I have agreed to be interviewed and to make available the emails I have sent you, but it won’t just be me talking. We are in the process of recruiting other patients who are receiving poor service from your company. You see Mr Gordan we patients actually talk to each other so we all know these are not just isolated incidents. There are dozens of us who are more than willing to talk simply because we have had enough and can’t take it anymore.
No doubt I’ll be in touch again soon.

The kind gentleman offering to help is Paul Pennington so it you have experienced any problems with H@H please message me, or Paul if you know him, with your story. You can remain anonymous if you want, we just need to know what is happening and to how many of you. The more the better or H@H will just claim it is a few isolated incidents.

What I need.
So aside from dealing with Healthcare at Home what else did I do yesterday?

Well refusing point blank to stay at home, well I had things planned, Andrew agreed to stay in on my behalf, he wanted to clear his room out anyway, and Peter and I went off to do the shopping. As Peter wanted to pick something up from John Lewis we went to Milton Keynes and, briefly, called in to the shopping center before heading for the enormous Tesco they have near junction 13 of the M1

The first thing that struck us was the traffic. It was worse than a Saturday out there and we wondered what on earth was going on. We got stuck in a tail back on the way there so avoided the motorway on the way back. The shop was a nightmare and littered with flags in preparation for the world cup starting soon. There were also huge displays of beer all over the place which I found really sad. Can't anyone enjoy anything these days without alcohol being involved. Don't get me wrong, I'm not anti alcohol at all. I like a crisp cider or a cool Pimms on a hot day as much as anyone. What I object to is the effects of too much alcohol and the way you are viewed as weird if you don't drink to excess at every given excuse.

What I got.
Anyway we got our shopping done in record time and just got out of there, it was manic and tempers, including mine, were beginning to fray. I did have one incident though. I ran a child over with my trike. In fairness the child had run out of a side aisle right in front of me where they caught their foot on the front wheel and landed with a thud on the floor. I was bracing myself for the inevitable protective parent but was pleasantly surprised when, after checking the child, the woman gave it a telling off saying 'that's what happens when you run around when you are told not too.' She then made the child apologise to me and did so herself. It seems there are still some reasonable people about.

Back home Andrew presented me with a load of stuff he wanted me to sell on ebay for him and proudly showed me around a room where you could see the floor. He hasn't got around to vacuuming the floor yet but that would probably be too much to ask all in the same day. He's off out earning money today and tomorrow so I expect Monday might just be possible.

And Healthcare At Home

Right, time to get myself stressed yet again by setting myself up on Skype. My sister has it and thought it would be nice if I could get it too so we can have a proper natter now and then. It certainly would, if only I could get the thing to work. Tried for over an hour last night and just couldn't get connected. At least it will take my mind of H@H for a few hours.