Wednesday, 14 May 2014

CT Scans and Sunshine

I have had such a good day today, in marked contrast to yesterday.

Yesterday it rained, hard. It then thundered and blew and then rained even harder. We decided to stay in and I spend a despondent afternoon watching old movies whilst feasting on cooking chocolate, because that's the only chocolate I had in the house.

Off for it's check up in the morning
As a result I slept badly. It was unlikely I was going to sleep well anyway but at least I would have been in with a good chance if I'd got some fresh air and exercise. I was so cross about the weather as I desperately needed something to take my mind off the joys of today.

Today was the day for my CT scan to check my plumbing was able to use the different machines needed for the two different operations I am now up for.

I hate CT scans for a number of reasons. Chief among them is the need to stuff a great big needle in your arm so they can inject a contrast dye which shows up your bits an pieces more clearly. I arrived early and was dropped off by Peter who then went in search of an elusive parking space. I walked into reception and didn't even have time to sit down before I was dragged out to be 'prepared'. I knew exactly what that meant, a needle. No matter how much I had promised myself that I would NOT be a baby, and that it would be quicker and easier for everyone if I just let them get on with it, I started to shake, sweat and feel rather sick.

Of course rather than just get on with it they make you sit there with the needle in plain sight while they reel off a load of questions. Why not stick the thing in first and ask the damned questions afterwards, or at least hide the damned thing. I was asked if I were pregnant, LMAO, at my age! I was then asked about any allergies I had, if I was claustrophobic and if I had any trouble with my back or kidneys. Not once was I asked whether I was on Warfarin, and I was panicking too much to realise. The moment had come and I mentioned my needle phobia to which I was told 'well the needle doesn't stay in there, it is only used to guide the plastic tube', somehow I think she missed the entire point but that's radiologists for you.

What my CT might show
To be fair she was very good and got the thing in first time and I didn't really feel anything more than I do when I have a blood test. She then removed the little white cap on the end of the canula to attach the syringe. Blood went everywhere. It was all over me, it was all over her and it was all over the CT table. She stemmed the flow, cleaned up and went back to her check list and then asked the Warfarin question. I was positioned on the bed/table thing and lay flat on my back with my arms above my head. Not the best position for someone who cannot breathe lying flat at the best of times. Even worse I was then instructed to hold my breath, breath all the way out and hold it again, over and over. Eventually they had enough and got me out, sat me up and gave me a glass of water. What I really needed was my oxygen and some valium, but you can't have everything. The plastic tube was removed and they were ready for me this time and instructed a burly, and quite attractive, nurse to stand there applying pressure for several minutes. He was really good at his job and not only did I stop bleeding but I lost all feeling in my fingers for a while too.

I emerged blinking into the sunlight, only twenty minutes after I went in, relieved and feeling rather optimistic. If I get the call tonight at least they will know what lies ahead. I won't be so happy though as it will mean more needles and I've had enough for one day.

After lunch at Burger King, a rare treat, we headed for Bedford town center, we decided against the Cambridge Colleges in the end, I just wasn't in the mood, and spent the day pottering. I came away with several books, I was so chuffed, and I spotted a mug I knew Andrew would love. The sun was out and it was lovely and warm and I just felt so happy and so well. These are the days I live for, the days when I feel almost normal.

Tomorrow we are off to get my car serviced. I'm hoping for another dry and sunny day. We will be driving down in two cars so we can go off and do something rather than just sit and wait. If the weather is nice we will try and find somewhere nearby we can visit.

Right now though I am shattered and all I really want to do is have something to eat, a cup of Earl Grey and change into my PJ's to watch Masterchef. Some times 'days don't get better than this!'