Saturday, 10 May 2014

Freaky Friday

It was a rather strange day yesterday.

After all the nonsense with H@H I was determined to put it all behind me and relax. However that was not as easy as it sounds. The day started well with breakfast in bed, a slow read of the papers followed by a bath. After that it all went a bit, well, weird.

'I put everything away.'
I wandered down into the kitchen to make another cup of tea and spotted a little problem. Last night Andrew had been cooking. Now I have berated him about a millions times about clearing up after himself, so after much clattering around he emerged from the kitchen telling me he'd cleared away and washed up and I 'wouldn't know he'd been there'. Oh Yeah! The flour jar was out on the counter with the lid off and the counter itself looked like a snow storm had hit it. To be fair though he had washed up and everything else was clean and tidy. It's a start.

The weather wasn't great and the planned gardening was shelved so we went out shopping instead. For some reason that I couldn't explain I felt nervous and edgy and at times a little light headed and faint. I tried to ignore it, as you do, but just ended up feeling a whole lot worse.

We did our grocery shop first and by some miracle, this NEVER happens when I have a son in tow, it came in well under fifty pounds. I think things were helped by the fact Andrew is on a health kick at the moment and loaded the trolley with fruit and veg rather than the usual ready meals and sweets. I did notice a pizza or two creeping in but, as he has a couple of jobs coming up, I reasoned they were things he could cook quickly and easily after a long shift. I left the store feeling quite rich. The feeling didn't last though. I went to pay my newspaper bill and had to line up behind a gaggle of school girls right between the biscuits and the sweets. Disaster! However I did share them around so escaped any criticism.

'And I cleaned everything down.'
Back home we unpacked and put away then I stripped the beds and did the laundry before settling down to cook lunch. Again, I still had this awful feeling as though something bad was going to happen. And it almost did! I had promised the boys gnocchi in a tomato and basil sauce smothered in mozzarella. It's a favourite and relative quick to cook. However I nearly went into a panic as I couldn't find any of the ingredients. Eventually I located them, someone had put them in the wrong cupboard, and disappointment was averted.

After lunch, after a somewhat busy morning, we settled on the settee to watch some more Red Dwarf. We have been watching this on and off for the past week or so and are now up to series six. I shared the sweets around and indulged myself with a cup of Earl Grey. I normally drink the bog standard tea, usually whatever brand is cheapest that week, however I do love the Twinnings brand but they are so expensive but this week they were half price so I bought my three favourite types. I will be indulging on and off all week. My absolute favourite is Earl Grey and it reminds me of Laurence as that is practically all I drank when I was carrying him.

After watching the whole of the sixth series we were all Dwarfed out and I was still feeling really strange so I asked Andrew to check me over. Everything seemed fine, my blood pressure, oxygen SATs and pulse rate were all normal for me so he concluded that it might just be that I'm having 'one of those days'. That's the joy of having a trained medic, especially one who really understand PH, in the family. If I'm feeling a bit off he can offer reassurance and stop me worrying myself worse.

This morning it was again hammering down when I woke up so I followed exactly the same routine as yesterday, including cleaning the kitchen, sigh! The sun is attempting to come out now but everything is sodden so I suspect there won't be much gardening going on today either. However I don't mind so much as I'd planned to watch the qualifying for tomorrow's Spanish Grand Prix and then indulging in some baking anyway. Walnut and banana loaf is on the cards and maybe come choc chip muffins. I feel better today but still a little light headed. I'm going to wear my oxygen for most of the day and see if that makes a difference.

The rest of the weekend is going to be spent researching somewhere to visit for a day out. I've had a lot of suggestions and they are all wonderful. It's going to be a hard pick.

Right! I had better get dressed. Yes, it is almost lunchtime, and yes, I am still in my dressing gown, and then I have tomatoes to peel. More tomorrow. Oh, just a reminder, it's Eurovision tonight. I feel another Red Dwarf series coming on.