Sunday, 26 January 2014

The Rich Pattern of Life With PH.

Well yesterday's little foray out in the car didn't quite go as planned.

I decided against taking my paints, it was too cold to sit for very long with the heater off, and decided to rely on my camera instead. First off Andrew wanted to get supplies in for his upcoming placement. Being a sensible child he cooks a mass of pasta with tomato sauce, divides it into portions and then freezes them so he can stick them in the microwave after a long shift. He does the same with a curry so he does have a bit of variety. He also makes up bagels so he can have something quick to eat on shift. He usually fills them with salad, ham and cheese. So it was off to Costco to buy the said pasta, tinned tomatoes, bagals et al.

Rather than sit shivering in the car my scooter was assembled and I was persuaded to join Andrew and Peter, who was after a milk frother, into the shop. Despite not feeling up to the mark I was quite glad I went as I spotted something very useful. A set of three soup mugs. These mugs can be filled with soup, stew or anything else you like, and frozen. Then if you fancy a quick snack you can just stick them in the microwave. You don't even have to open the lid as there is a vent you can open to let out the steam. It means I'll be able to transport my lunch to work, let it defrost in my locker and then microwave it without having to clean up a bowl or the microwave afterwards. Brilliant! Less risk of catching any bugs this way too.

Coming out of the shop it had started to rain and the sky was ominously black. Driving towards the motorway, we'd given up on finding a nice landscape to take picture of, I saw a flash of light. 'It's a storm', I said and was roundly dismissed as 'seeing things' until it happened again, and again. By the time we got to the M1 it was flashing every few seconds and the rain was coming down in sheets, that's when it wasn't battering us as hail.  We parked up on the drive and stayed put as the storm suddenly intensified, the force of the rain and wind rocking the car. Peter got out first and made it indoors. He then phoned me to tell me to stay where I was as the ground was covered in hail and he was worried about me slipping. I waited for a while and then during a lull took my chance. I still ended up soaked but at least I didn't fall. Andrew came next and then we made a cup of tea and dried ourselves off before fetching the shopping in. I was wrapped in a blanket and sat on the settee to keep warm until the heating kicked in and watched as the boys brought the shopping in and stored it away.

So not the uplifting experience I'd hoped for and certainly not one I wish to repeat in a hurry. Don't get me wrong I love storms but only when I'm safe, warm and dry indoors watching from a window.

As we had nothing else on, and I was feeling a little tired from my trip out, we decided to huddle on the settee for film night. The film of choice was Life of Pi. Oh my goodness what a film! It's such a long time since a film has moved me so much and I burst into tears when I thought the tiger was going to die. That is something that's going to played again and again.

So how am I today. Well truth be told not that much better. I won't be in work tomorrow instead I'll be high tailing it back to the doctor's for another appointment as, despite the improvement yesterday, I'm not feeling much better. I don't have a fever, which is good, and I'm not particularly breathless, also good. However I feel like I'm carrying a lead weight around in my chest and that's not so good. Oh well, all part of the rich pattern of life with PH I guess.

At least I'm not going to have to do anything in the way of cooking today. Last night, with the help of Peter and Andrew, I put together a cawl in the slow cooker and set it on a timer. I've made enough so that if I don't get any better we at least will have warm nourishing food to eat over the next few days. I'll potion what's left and keep it in the fridge overnight, then freeze it if it's not needed.

Right time to go and make another hot drink, it's the only thing that seems to sooth my cough, and I might just steam while I'm at it. Anything is worth a go at this stage.