Sunday, 19 January 2014

A Sleepy Sunday and a Stir Fry

Panic ensured in the kitchen last night as I was preparing the marinade for today's ginger beef stir fry. I thought I had another bottle of soy sauce hidden away but I didn't. I usually slosh a good three or four tablespoons over the meat but I had only one, if that. What to do, what to do? Well I tackled the problem by swishing a small amount of water around the bottle and adding it and some extra ginger to the mix. Hopefully it will be fine and once again I realise I must make lists.

Having been told I no longer need to stuff myself I'm feeling a lot more relaxed and happy about what I eat.

Over the last few weeks I've been eating fatty greasy foods in an attempt to gain weight and I've really suffered from it. I feel sluggish and I've been having terrible indigestion so I've decided to stop. I'm going back to my salads and fruit but I will still incorporate some fatty stuff in on a daily basis. So I'll still have the occasional bacon butty and I will indulge in chips, cakes, crisps and curry but I won't go mad. If my weight starts to drop I'll have a week back on the unhealthy stuff.

Last night I watched two programmes I don't usually bother with.

The first was Splash. This is filmed in Luton, not a million miles from me, and I've always loved watching competitive diving so I thought I'd give it a go. It was fascinating and you did tend to watch with a lump in your throat, well these are celebrities and not professional divers. You just know that at some point something is bound to go wrong and that is why these sorts of shows are so popular. This is why we watch motor racing etc, etc. Yes we like to fool ourselves that it's because we support this driver or that driver but really we all want to see the crash.

However I digress. The one thing it did for me was awaken my craving for a swimming. Yes you can go swimming with a line and pump but it requires things like special bags and dry suits. Expensive and cumbersome and by the time I've wriggled my way into them I'd be too shattered to get in the water anyway. Beside reality dictates that I'd be unable to do anything more than flutter around in the shallow end. Breathing is hard enough without having to shift the weight of the water as well. So that's another thing on my 'to do' list. I think I might watch splash again though.

The programme I definitely will not be watching again is Celebrity Big Brother. What a group of deeply unpleasant people. I watched for a full ten minutes and was appalled by what I saw. Half of them I didn't know anyway. Yuk! Deeply disturbing and not worth my time. I turned it off and put on a James Bond film instead.

This morning started in my favourite way. A lie in then a lazy breakfast in bed with the papers followed by a long bath with lots of smelly stuff. The only 'must do' today is the ironing, which I will do while catching up on Silent Witness, it's good but not the same without Leo, or Casualty. Andrew's going back to uni tonight and Peter is out so I'll have a couple of hours this evening to myself and I am distraught because no more Sherlock. I feel an Only Fools fest coming on. There is a bottle of red wine open in the kitchen so I might just have a sniff of that to.

Tomorrow it's back to work and once again I'm not looking forward to it but I've worked out that I only have three weeks until my next leave. Yay! I will be counting down the days. Strange isn't it, how I dread going but always enjoy being there.

Sadly the body they found did turn out to be that of little Mikaeel and his mother has been arrested.

Well time to see if my marinade has worked and start prepping the veg. I know it is a bit early but I like to bring everything up to room temperature before throwing them in the wok. They cook quicker. Next blog Friday.