Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Looking For Inspiration

I'm off to the doctor's in about an hour so just time to write a quick blog.

The good news is that my chest feels a bit better today. It's not so heavy but it still rattles when I cough and I'm shattered as I keep waking up at night to cough. Poor Peter is pretty shattered too but won't sleep in the spare room in case I need him in the night.

During my brief sleeping periods last night I had a very vivid dream. I dreamt that Stacie had got her call and this time it was for real, Stacie has already had two false alarms. Now this is unusual as I usually dream about me getting the call. I'm hoping this is a good omen for Stacie as at a twenty one month wait I think it's time something happened for her.

Yesterday I have to say I wasted the day in front of the TV. I started out with good intentions, set my board up, stretched my paper etc, but when I sat down my mind went blank and I was devoid of inspiration. Just typical! For a year I've been thinking I should get some paints to give me something to do when off sick and the minute I get a chance to do just that, I can't think of anything to paint. Ah well, inspiration will come and the paints will be there waiting for me.

Being bored I found myself channel hopping hoping to find a good film. Yes I know we have hundreds of DVD's but the trouble I have is never being able to decide what to watch, and by the time I have I don't have enough time to watch it, but I digress. It was while switching through the channels that a thought struck me. I thought I was the worlds biggest soap and reality TV watcher but it appears I'm not even close. Most channels had reruns of soaps or things like Celebrity Big Brother running and I realised I was actually quite picky about what I watch. I watch, on a regular basis, Eastenders, Neighbours, Casualty, Holby City, Strictly Come Dancing, The Apprentice and I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here. sounds a lot but when you think of all the programmes I don't watch such as Celebrity BB, Splash, The Voice, Home and Away, Coronation Street etc, etc I'm actually not as bad as I thought. Of course when I can fill my evenings with long walks, trips to the theatre or a couple of hours in the pool or gym I suspect my viewing habits will alter quite drastically. For now though I'm not going to feel guilty about what I watch. Sometimes watching someone else having a tough time can take your mind off you own problems pretty effectively.

Something else that caught my eye was an advert for a antibacterial washing powder. The voice over wasn't messing about and struck straight away with dire warnings about keeping kids safe etc, etc. Yet another product to kill bacteria indiscriminately good or bad.

Now I'm not against antibacterial products. I use a spray in the kitchen and I use wipes in work and on the trolley handles in supermarkets. These I see as sensible precautions as picking up a bug, especially a tummy bug, could take me off the transplant list for a few days or weeks. I shall be keeping up this routine even after transplant as I know I will still be at risk, especially in the early stages. I used a bleach solution on my floors, as with cats you never know what they've walked in, the same reason I use the spray on my kitchen work tops, and also down the loos but that is where my germ killing spree ends.

What people don't realise is the more germs they try to wipe out the bigger risk they are putting themselves, and their kids, in. Every child needs to make contact with dirt and germs etc in order to build up immunity. And these antibacterials don't discriminate between good bacteria and bad bacteria, they just wipe out everything. This is why we have so many people with allergies these days for heaven sake. Now we are supposed to disinfect our clothing too? Don't the silly people who buy these products realise the clothes become unsterile the minute they leave the washing machine? Give me strength!

Right time to try and get some enthusiasm going and get the paints out.

P.S. Doctor says there is still a lot of liquid in my lungs. More antibiotics have been prescribed and I've been signed off work for a week to 'rest'. Do I feel guilty about this? No! For once I do not.