Friday, 10 January 2014


Well I had a very weird day yesterday. Several people from work said they had a 'feeling' I'd be getting my call soon, each without knowing about the others. I also got a few friends texting me saying the same. What is going on? Do they all know something I don't?

In reality the longer you've been waiting the less time you have left to wait so with each passing day I get a little bit closer to the call but I don't know how much closer I've got. I might still have years to wait but I do appreciate the positivity that is buzzing around me right now. The more positive vibes I get from everyone else the more upbeat I feel about things, so keep them coming.

Sharps bin.
We were really busy at work and time flew and before I knew it I was on my way home again. I was startled to walk out into the car park at half past four and find it was still relatively light. This buoyed my good mood even more as lighter evenings is a sure sign that spring is only just around the corner, my second favourite season of the year. It also means I have more chance of seeing suicidal cyclists on the drive home. Of course we can't get to spring without a bit of cold weather. This week we are in for ice and maybe even snow but in a way I'm looking forward to it as I'm fed up with all the wind and rain, I practically needed a boat to get into work yesterday.

Today the sun is shining and I'm off out this afternoon to take a couple of pictures and track down some paper and canvass for my paints, thanks for the tips as to where to look everyone. I will bare them in mind on my hunt. With a bit of luck I will find a really beautiful landscape that I can transfer to canvass.

The extra water tablets seem to be doing their thing and I'm spending a good deal of time on the loo. I have been reassured that this will tail off once the excess water has gone. To be fair the cough has already lessened but is still very bad first thing.

In the news Michael Schumacher is still in a coma two weeks after the skiing accident that nearly killed him, and in truth still might. We've been told that updates will only be issued if there is a change in his condition but the silence is worrying. It is a fact that the longer you are in a coma the more likely there is to be permanent damage, whether that coma is medically induced or not. Although I never liked him as a racing driver I never wished him harm and for this to happen off the track is just heart breaking. It just goes to show, danger comes when you least expect it. I have a feeling this is not going to end well.

Right I'm off to rummage through the cupboards for lunch and then its out shopping, and for once I'm really looking forward to it.