Thursday, 30 January 2014

Come Back Helios, All Is Forgiven.

Today is one of those days where it never really gets light. It's dark, damp and miserable. Oh for a glimmer of sun, just one tiny sliver for say, half an hour, would do. Just to remind us what it feels like.

My day got started with a surprise. Peter brought me my usual tea and papers accompanied by a bacon sandwich. 'You must eat' he glowered. so I did, it was delicious and I didn't feel sick afterwards, miracle! Yes my chest infection is improving but my appetite has wained, probably because I'm not spending any energy. My cough has improved. It's still there but much better so on the whole things are looking up.

I got another surprise when I checked my Ebay auction and found I had 33 watchers. No idea whether the 'watchers' will turn into 'bidders' but at least there is interest, which is encouraging. As you know I have plans for this money so I want my items to do well.

My 365 challenge is becoming more difficult with each passing day. I'm reduced to taking pictures of saucepans now. That's the problem with being unwell, you are stuck with anything you can find inside the house. I have a feeling there are going to be a lot of Smirnoff pictures coming up. Never mind, if I'm well enough Peter is going to take me for a quick spin around Tesco's tomorrow. I better make sure I wear a hat. Last time I ventured out in my wheelchair I nearly got knocked senseless by a woman and her wire basket.

It seems yesterday's blog caused a fair amount of merriment. I had a lot of messages saying 'I've done that, and that, and that as well'. One message, sent privately, thanked me for taking the fear out of mistakes. It is all to easy to become paranoid about damaging the line or getting an infection, so it was nice to know my post had put someone more at ease, as well as entertained so many. Of course there were those, and there is always one, who did not see the funny side and called me 'irresponsible' for 'encouraging people to be careless'. That was not the intention at all. All I was trying to say is that it is OK to be human and make mistakes. Only one incident out of the many listed ended up with me having to attend hospital and that was when I split the line. Living so careful a life that accidents and mistakes didn't happen would mean no life at all as far as I'm concerned so I will continue to do what I do and will no doubt continue to catch the line on doors, etc.

Two things of note in the news today.

They are starting a very gradual process of bringing Michael Schumacher out of his medically induced coma. Hopefully this means he has a good chance of recovery but it will be days or even weeks before we will know the outcome. I would be very surprised if there is a full recovery after all this time. I'm not being unkind or gloomy just realistic. Read anything about extended coma's and the indications are not encouraging. Still we will just have to wait and see and pray that this recovery bucks the trend.

The second item was that we are only days, in theory, away from a law being passed to stop adults smoking in cars containing children.

Now while I whole heartedly back such a law I know for certain that it will be totally unenforceable. Why? Well because we don't have enough police to do so that's why. We've all read in the papers how forces across the country have been shedding officers in their hundreds. Nowadays the remaining police officers spend their time rushing from one incident to another and don't have time to casually roam around in cars looking for offenders. Just like seat belts, mobile phones or defective headlights the driver is more likely to get away with it than be caught.

The problem with bacon sandwiches is they make you thirsty. The problem with diuretics is, they make you thirsty. Add both together and I feel like I've spent the last few days crawling through the dessert without any water. So I'm off to get a long glass of something cold. Next blog tomorrow.