Friday, 24 January 2014

Hitting The Deck

To say it's been an interesting week would be a bit of an understatement.

Monday, Tuesday and most of Wednesday it was the same old, same old. Get up, go to work, go home, watch a bit of TV, go to bed. Only on Wednesday night I was thrown a little bit of a curved ball.

I'd watched some TV and got up to make a hot chocolate before bed. Peter was out so I'd planned a really early night with my drink, a good book and the cat for company. As I made my way to the kitchen, only a short walk across the hall from the living room, I became very disorientated and could feel myself falling. I grabbed what I could to break my fall and succeeded in tipping over my sharps bin, a chair and the bucket and mop before I hit the floor. This slowed me down so I escaped with a bruised knee and hip and avoided banging my head. I lay there for a short while, well to be truthful I'm not sure how long, and then sat up to take stock. My first fear was that I'd had a stroke. People on warfarin can have bleeds in the brain if the blood become too thin. However I could see, hear and talk ok and my limbs moved properly, I tried to get up and was overcome by terrible nausea so I crawled as quickly as I could to the downstairs loo. I felt terrible and frightened. I was on l own and my biggest fear had come true.

Luckily I had my phone in my joggers pocket so called Peter. I told him I'd had a 'bit of a turn' and was going to bed early. He offered to come home but I said no I would call him if I felt worse or it happened again. I made my way gingerly upstairs and after washing and cleaning my teeth began to feel better. Once in bed I felt terribly tired so turned off the light and off I went.

Thursday morning I woke up more or less feeling better. I grabbed a banana, had a cuppa and headed for work. By break I was feeling a little light headed again so bought a bacon roll from the canteen. I couldn't eat it, after a few mouthfuls I wrapped up what was left and threw it away. Suddenly I felt awful. I must have looked bad too as soon after returning to my desk I was ordered home. I didn't argue and once home headed for bed. I spent the afternoon dozing and watching tv. I couldn't get warm and I knew I had to see someone.

I was a little shocked at the result. I had a chest infection, which I'd already suspected given that my coughing had got worse. What I didn't expect to be told was that my blood pressure was very low. It seems my extra diuretic tablet was being more effective than expected as a result I was slightly dehydrated and my blood pressure had dropped. Both conditions easily remedied by drinking more and stopping the tablets for a while. At least it wasn't anything serious but I was sent for blood tests and an x ray today just to be sure. Fortunately I'm at the end of the intensive treatment and from now on I should only take an extra tablet every second or third day to keep thing in check. I think I might go every third day for now and keep an eye on things.

So this morning I found myself sitting waiting for bloods yet again. However this morning was different because despite feeling and looking dreadful someone decided to try and pick me up. I was playing on my phone when something caught my eye. Like a muppet I looked up and there was this bloke waving at me. He was quite tall, not bad looking, bearded and aged about thirty. I didn't recognised him so smiled politely and went back to my game. Of course sometimes smiling at someone is fatal as they think they are in with a chance. I glanced up to find him watching me intently and smiled and waved again. This time my eyes lingered a bit longer as I was worried it was someone I knew and I was being incredibly rude by ignoring them. I didn't know him but he clearly took my scrutiny as a 'come on' because the next thing I knew he was scuttling towards a chair that had just become vacant next to me.

Thankfully I was called just as he sat down so I thought I was home free until he disappeared into the cubicle next to me. Blood done I gathered my things and scuttled to the door. As I went through I saw him making determined strides towards me so I ran, yes you did read right, I ran down the corridor and slipped into the ladies. I phoned Peter who was waiting outside in the car and explained the situation. Typical man, he thought it was funny. I arranged to meet him as close to the hospital as possible and then gingerly stuck my head out into the corridor and checked both ways before walking as fast as I could to the pick up point. I almost collapsed into the car seat just as my admirer swung around the corner. I pointed him out, between gasps of breathe, hoping that Peter would get all manly and territorial but all he said was, 'oh I thought you were talking about an old boy'.

We arrived home, had a light lunch, my appetite is a little better today, and I plan to spend the rest of the day with my feet up in front of the TV. I might try some painting later if I feel up to it. Right now all I really want is for the antibiotics to kick in so I can start feeling normal again.

In the news I've been following, with some interest, the latest exploits of 'soon to be ex' teenage pop idol Justine Bieber. In fact I've been so interested I'm in danger of being classed as a Biliber, Gob forbid.

So not content with upsetting fans, spitting, swearing, turning up late for concerts he now has to get himself arrested for racing his car while high on various substances. This is yet another classic case of someone being to rich and to famous far too young. Bieber clearly thinks he is above the lawn and despite the obsessive devotion of his fans I'm betting there are a fair few beginning to think twice. I'm also willing to bet there will be even more parents having nightmares about the example he's setting and trying to work out how to avoid accompanying their little angels to the next concert. It is almost like watching Michael Jackson unravelling all over again with one crucial difference Jackson had talent and his death left a void in the pop world. One Bieber will never be big enough to fill, especially as he seems so intent on destroying his own career.

I've included some 365 challenge photos in this blog. Hope you like them.