Saturday, 25 January 2014

Dirty Rotten Scoundrel

Following the trip out the the hospital in the morning I spent a very restful afternoon camped out on the sofa with loads of fruit and lots to drink. The result this morning is a still poorly Hazel but a less poorly one. It may be the re-hydration or the antibiotics kicking in, thought it's a bit soon, or both as I feel less light headed today but my chest feels like I'm harbouring a bag of coal in there.

As is required I rang Papworth to inform them I was on antibiotics. This is routine when you are on the  transplant list, you have to let them know when you are ill and what extra meds you have. This is because some meds will mean temporary suspension from the list as they interfere with the meds you get during and after transplant. Fortunately the antibiotics were not on their list of 'remove' and as I wasn't given any steroids either I will still be called should my luck change. I also contacted the Brompton but they haven't got back to me yet. I know that Friday's is a clinic day so I'll probably get something back on Monday. After all they prescribed the extra diuretics, so they need to know what my GP said. On reflection I reckon I could have coped with the low blood pressure or chest infection individually but together they just delivered a knock out blow.

So what's in store today? Well that really depends on the weather.

If it is nice Peter wants to take me out on a little drive. He knows how fed up I get sitting at home and I've been a little down lately so a spin in the car will take my mind off things. If it's raining then I'm going to get my brushes out. Having not painted in a long time I suddenly missed it when I didn't get the chance last weekend. I might take my sketch book out with me and maybe we can park up somewhere pretty and I can make a start on my next painting. That depends on how warm it is though, I cannot risk getting too cold with a chest infection.

Andrew is back for the weekend and in a good mood. All his exams are over and he only has one week of classroom teaching left before five weeks on placement. He has his interview with the London Ambulance Service next Wednesday so he's in for a busy time. However I think he's going to have more luck with East of England service as it said on the news last night they are so desperate for paramedics they are going to be training their own. The interview for that is in March.

Laurence had some bad news this week. Last Sept/Oct he had a slight shunt with a white van man. There was no damage to either vehicle, Laurence has pictures to prove it. Details were exchanged and they went on their merry way. Now, out of the blue, the other bloke is claiming for all sorts of injuries. The scumbag! I'm guessing he left it so long in the hope Laurence would delete the pictures but he's out of luck. We advised Laurence keep the pictures for at least a year just in case, lucky we did. There is no way the bloke could have got all those injuries when no damage occurred to his vehicle. Laurence's insurance company agrees and is contesting with vigour. Hopefully the bloke will back down once he realises the pictures still exist but I rather doubt it. I can see this going to court. I've no doubt Laurence will win but it's still going to be a pain in the bum and a worry while it's all going on. As I've already said, utter scum.

Well time to think about lunch. Although my appetite is down at the moment I am still able to eat so I'm making all my favourite dishes to keep my interest up. Update tomorrow.