Saturday, 5 January 2013

January Blues

Well after a truly hectic few days I'm having a day of complete rest. Well apart from making lunch that is and only because I want something edible.

Yesterday's meal with Svet's parents was a great success and we all got on really well. We had roasted red pepper soup, roast beef with all the trimmings including Yorkshire puddings, something they had never seen before and topped it off with sherry truffle creams topped with whipped cream and choc flakes. Yum - Yum it was delicious. So over the course of two weeks I've had turkey, lamb and beef roast dinners and have nibbled numerous chocolates, cheese and sausage rolls and what do I do? Yes I lose weight. Last week I was 7 stone 11 pounds, this week I'm 7 stone 9 pounds. How the hell did that happen? I now have a BMI 0f 18.8, two points off my targe, what a pain.

So the house is in a somber mood, I'm upset at losing weight again, the tree has come down so the place looks bare and empty and Svet goes home to Bulgaria this evening. To top it all Andrew goes back to university tomorrow so in the space of 24 hours I'll go from a lively busy house to spending time on my own in front of the TV waiting for Peter to come home. No wonder they call it the January blues.

On the plus side it means I can get some rest, which has been sorely missing over the last few weeks. It feels as though I've either been cooking, cleaning or washing up, yes I've had help but at the end of the day the success of mealtimes really come down to me and with all the help in the world it can be very stressful. Next year hopefully it will be different.

Celebrity Big Brother started this week and out of curiosity I watched the first hour of the first programme and then gave up. The number of advert breaks annoyed me beyond reason as they made the actually programme almost unwatchable as it was so disjointed. And as for the people I saw going in well how can most of them be classed a celebrities? One of the first in was a chap called Rylan who apparently is famous for crying on X factor (no I didn't watch that either) and losing. How in any way, shape or form does that make him a celebrity? Then the first female appeared in the shape of Paula Hamilton ex model and now more famous for her drink and drug abuse. Even as she walked down the ramp anyone with an iota of sense could see she was far from stable. In fact most of the time she looked bewildered as though she didn't know where she was. Should they really be putting people like that into such a situation? What are they going for this year? The first live suicide or the first live murder because Paula looked capable of either? After that I switched over, no CBB for me this year.

In the news much is being made of the first hand transplant to take place in Britain.

This is undoubtedly a brilliant development in the world of transplantation and so far it shows every sign of being successful. However there is one thing about the reports that really bothered me. They stress that he will at last be able to hold his grandson's hand and play with him, cut up food or do up buttons. OK the food and the buttons I can understand but this man had a perfectly functioning left hand, why couldn't he hold his grandson's hand with that?

Don't get me wrong, I am very pleased for the chap and am delighted that one week on he is able to move his fingers and has some feeling. What I don't like is the way the media has reported it, as usual they have to put a spin on what is a miracle and make it sound, well, a bit naff.

The Sun has gone one better and reported on people having transplants 'taking on' the personalities and tastes of the donors. These people have done strange things since their transplants such as joining a gym, drinking beer, and, goodness me, jogging. What a shocker! I do not believe this one little bit, what I think has happened is that the recipient has been ill so long people have forgotten what they were like before they became ill. And with all the drugs you take before and after transplant I can understand why food might taste differently too. Yes there was an example of one person committing suicide and by a strange coincidence that is how the donor died but a coincidence is all it is. Some people really cannot cope with the idea of having someone else's organs inside them, especially if the transplant was done in a hurry and the recipient had no time to get used to the idea.

Does all this put me off, well no of course not but if I suddenly start walking near cliff edges, tucking into key lime pie or cuddling tarantulas then you'll know something is up because I've been scare of heights and spiders and hated lime since birth.

Well better go and cook lunch, pasta today so quick and easy.