Sunday, 6 January 2013

Flood 2

The trip to take Svet to the airport yesterday went off without a hitch, though both she and Andrew were rather tearful to be parted yet again. That is the trouble with long distance relationships as there is alway the long months apart in between the few weeks together. On the plus side it does keep the relationship fresh, a fact I tried to cheer Andrew up with when he arrived home.

To be honest he wasn't that bad, a bit subdued but already looking forward to May when he is going over for a few days. To take his mind off things we sat and watched Sherlock Holmes on DVD, weird but exceptionally good. I can't wait to get the latest one now, and it is not often I say that.

This morning I was woken from my slumbers by the husband dashing about in what appeared to be a complete panic. The cause was a burst pipe in the airing cupboard which was squirting scalding water everywhere. Up and dressed I shot downstairs to make a calming cup of tea and found the utility room floor soaking and a big bulge in the ceiling. While Peter gallantly tried to stem the flow upstairs I set about the big clear up. First of all I grabbed a bucket and placed it under the drip and then mopped up all the standing water. Within half an hour the floor was dry and the drip contained but what to do about the bulging ceiling? Then I had a bright idea, I rushed back upstairs and got one of my big syringes and a needle, then grabbing a large saucepan out of the kitchen I climbed the step ladder and gently pierced the center of the bulge with the needle. My original intention was to use the needle and syringe to draw out the water and squirt it into the saucepan but it soon became clear that would not work so I enlarged the hole slightly and placed the saucepan under the resulting drip. An hour on and the bulge has shrunk and the drip slowed so I'm hopeful that will be that. The ceiling will need redecorating at the very least, and possibly a bit of plaster work but when I last looked the bulge had gone and the edges were beginning to dry out nicely.

Meanwhile in the airing cupboard Peter had managed to contain the flow so it wasn't squirting everywhere and had managed to direct it into a plastic container. I then went though everything that had been in the cupboard to see what had escaped and what needed to be dried out. Remarkable only half a dozen items had got wet and then not by much. They are now in the tumble drier.

After putting me in charge of emptying the various containers, Peter went out to get some new pipe and other bits and pieces to do the repair. Once again I am thankful I have such a practical chap as a husband. He will manage to fix it for just a few pounds, can you imagine the cost of calling out an emergency plumber on a Sunday?

Now he's back my role has been reduced to making the tea and keeping an eye on the leaks downstairs, which suits me fine and has enabled me to sit down and write this blog.

Once we've solved this crisis we then have the task of packing Andrew up so he can return to university later this afternoon. We are going to have to go with him of course as all his clothing, now washed and ironed, also needs to go back along with supplies of food and all his technology. Of course he will be popping back for the odd weekend but the house is going to seem awfully quiet until he returns again at Easter, with more washing no doubt..

Dancing on Ice Watch

Now I may or may not be commenting on this. It very much depends on what happens during the launch programme tonight.

I've never been really hooked on this as I am with Strictly but I will watch it if someone I like is on it or if I have nothing else to do. I certainly will not be watching it live as advert breaks after every dance and the annoying Christine Bleakley are not what I want to waste my time with. As you can see it is on to a bit of a looser with me right from the start. I absolute hate watching anything with adverts so almost never watch anything, on those channels with adverts, live.

This afternoon I will be settling down in front of the TV to do some ironing. This is partially necessary as some of the items are Andrew's, and partially forced due to the leak, but at least it will mean it is all done and dusted for another week. I'm hoping there is a good film on, otherwise I'll watch one of my old favourites from our DVD stack. Then the boys will pack the car while I will do the 'mum' thing and pack a carrier bag with cakes, biscuits, crisps and fruit so he has something to eat tonight without having to cook for himself or go out and buy stuff. After that it is a quick dash down the motorway and a nice quiet evening with just the two of us. I might even treat myself to a Bailey's and I'm sure there are still a few mince pies floating about somewhere that really need to be eaten.

In the meantime the kitchen calls once more, a curry has been requested so Tikka Masala it is then.