Sunday, 13 January 2013

Snow Joke

Why is this country so bad at dealing with snow?

Canada, Russia, and parts of the USA deal with huge snowfalls every year without so much as blinking. We get six snowflakes and the whole of the transport system grinds to a halt.

Now normally I do news stories at the end of my blog but this one annoyed me so much I just couldn't wait to comment. The source of my anger appeared in the Mail on Sunday where it is reported that Heathrow have already announced twenty five possible cancellations in anticipation of the snow that we are expected to get overnight. Now it seems we don't even need real snow for chaos to loom large, we just need the threat of snow to do the job. How pathetic have we become?

OK now I've got that out of the way back to yesterday.

I had the most wonderful afternoon in the company of friends. We laughed to the point of crying and covered a myriad of subjects, too numerous to mention. Diana and Clive were delighted to see Andrew and he enthusiastically related stories from his placements to them. I hope they were not too grossed out or bored. We've been invited to see their daughter in her village panto and I must say I'm eager to go, it is just a matter of comfirming who is coming with me before I order the tickets. So far both Andrew and Peter have expressed interest but Andrew in particular will have to check he is free before we commit. As it is we have made a firm date for another get together at the end of February and I'm so looking forward to it already.

I had such a bad night last night. No particular reason but I woke up and couldn't get back to sleep, on top of that I was freezing one minute and boiling the next. I had a real fear that I'd caught something else, there are still a lot of poorly people about, but this morning I feel fine. Even my sore throat that has plagued me since my flu bout seems to have cleared up at last. I suppose I'll just have to put it down to one of those things and hope for a better night tonight.

After my guests had gone I settled in for a night in front of the TV and watched a bit of 'Splash'. This is a programme where Tom Daley teaches celebrities to dive. Oh. My. God. I have never seen such drivel in all my life. I lasted approx ten minutes then changed channel whilst putting 'Splash' down on my 'not even if I'm so bored I could chew off my own feet' category.

In the end after find nothing worth the TV licence, what happened to Saturday nights they used to be the best night of the week, we decide on a film. This time we chose Casino Royale, I'm told we have watched it before but I could remember nothing about it so maybe it is one I've slept through. Whatever the reason I was entranced and rate it as one of the better attempts even though I don't like Daniel Craig in the role.

Tonight's TV doesn't look like being any better but there is Dancing On Ice. I've decided to give this another go, mainly to see the other set of celebrities, whether I will make it through to the end remains to be seen. If they put Christine Bleakley in a box and gagged her that might help.

So back to the news.

And it is snow once again, I listened to the weather forecast on the radio where the announcer advised commuters to 'take extra time' when travelling in to work tomorrow as driving conditions would be difficult. OK, fair enough to give a warning but should we be panicking this early and why should we be panicking at all? We've had a week's warning of this so if they grit the roads properly and keep the snowploughs going throughout the night why should there be a problem? Well the answer is obvious, the councils will not grit the roads properly or keep the roads open by sending the ploughs out all night because it costs too much. They'd much rather cause chaos and cost the emergency services and the economy billions sorting out the resultant mess. How wrong can you get your priorities?

Also in the news is the report into the Savile scandal. And it turns out to be much bigger than first thought. Over six hundred victims have come forward since the scandal broke, some as young as ten, some as old as their forties. It seems no one was safe from this man, who hide behind his persona and charity work to such an extent no one could shop him for fear of not being believed. And let's be realistic here, the 70's and 80's were a different time, women were still fighting for true equality and children were still expected to be seen and not heard. He was a famous, powerful man renowned for his good works and generosity. Who is going to believe a ten year old girl who claims 'Uncle Jimmy' raped her?

Although it must be some relief for the victims that their stories have now been heard and believed it must be a hollow victory as 'Uncle Jimmy' is way beyond justice in this life.

Well the kitchen is calling, I'm attempting something I haven't tried before, Toad in the Hole, wish me luck.