Monday, 7 January 2013

Depression On Ice

I went out briefly this morning to pick up some fruit for the week ahead and on the drive back couldn't help but think how gray everything looked.

January must be my least favourite month. Everything looks so dead and there is absolutely nothing to look forward to apart from bad weather. At least with February you start to see some signs of life in snowdrops and daffodils.

Back home I drank a cuppa while gazing out onto the wreck that is my garden. A combination of having been quite poorly, and the near constant rain in 2012 meant I have been unable to do anything to the garden at all. So the old bulbs remain in place and hopefully will flower again soon if they haven't rotted, and the new ones remain in the their bags. The Forsythia needs a trim and the brambles are gathering strength. It is so depressing. If only I was well I'd be out there in all weathers just getting things straight. What really breaks my heart is the herb garden where the sage has practically taken over smothering my precious thyme and oregano. Oh well one day, hopefully soon, I will be able to sort it out.

The house is very quiet.

Peter managed to sort the leak in the airing cupboard out and after a nervous night, wondering of the repair will hold, I have my airing cupboard back and the landing is once again clear of tools.

We took Andrew back to university later than planned because of the panic and he too felt a bit down. He is missing Svet, doesn't like his room mate and has exams coming up. A great start to the year. However on arriving at his digs we were amazed to find no trace of said room mate and we were left speculating as to whether he has left, been kicked out (he rarely attended lectures) or is just very late coming back. Andrew, of course, hopes he's gone as he hated sharing a room with someone who hadn't changed his bed sheets for an entire term. I can see his point.

So without any kids we settled down to watch The Iron Lady. Much had been made of this film when it came out and I was hoping to be in for an absorbing couple of hours but I only lasted thirty minutes. The constant flash backs irritated me and the presence of the dead Dennis was confusing. Maybe I just wasn't in the mood but I just could not watch it. Instead we shared a can of cider while watching the Matrix, an excellent film and one I haven't watched for a while.

Since being put on the transplant list Peter has stopped his usual Saturday night pint because he wants to be in a position to be able to drive should I get 'The Call'. We've both been a bit naughty over Christmas and there have been a couple of occasions when neither of us would have been fit to travel but I had the strange feeling I wouldn't be called. Now I sense that I could be and quite soon. I'm probably wrong but we are taking no chances.

Today I'm struggling to find things to do. Peter is in work this afternoon so I'll be on my own for the first time in almost three weeks. I have been given some scented candles and loads of Lush products so I'm going to indulge in some bathroom time, now we have hot water again, and then watch TV while pigging out on the remaining chocolates, well I am trying to gain weight.

Tomorrow I'm back to work and it will be my first set of full hours. I'm not quite such how I will cope. I managed the individual days over Christmas quite well but four days straight might be a bit of a strain but I won't know until I try.

Dancing On Ice Watch

Well as I said I recorded this and managed to get through an hour and a half in just over forty five minutes.

Oh dear it was worse than I thought. They have nicked the 'half the competitors this week and half next week' format from Strictly. I hated it on Strictly so loathed it on this.

Out of the six couples I enjoyed Matt from Eastenders, though he needs to rein the little boy act in a bit, and Olympian Beth Tweddle, both danced really well. Keith Chegwin annoyed me, at fifty four he needs to grow up a bit but you have to give him points for determination. If I'd broken my shoulder I wouldn't set foot on an ice rink again.

I listened to the judges first critique and then zoomed through them as well though I was fascinated by Jason's hair. It that seriously his own hair? Who wants hair that looks like a wig?

In the end I didn't bother watching the results show as I just wasn't interested. Will I watch it again? Well yes I will watch next week just to see the other 'stars' but I won't be holding out any hope of the third week.

Next blog Saturday.