Sunday, 27 January 2013

The Life Of Pies

I love pies.

Sweet or savoury it really doesn't matter, if it's encased in pastry I'm in heaven. So with that in mind don't you think it is rather odd that I've never made one? Well so do I, something I'm about to rectify this very afternoon. I'm about to embark on my very first blackberry and apple pie. I've decided to go for the sweet option for two reasons. I have some left over apples and blackberries and need to use them up. I love savoury pies so much, especially steak and ale pie, that I want to get a bit of practice in as to mess that up would be a tragedy.

As with cakes, pastry is not my forte and I either end up with a sticky mess or something so dry it resembles cardboard so I cheat and get ready made in, which is what I've done this time. I'm hoping that just rolling it out and slapping it on top of all that lovely fruit and sugar will do the job, after all I can't really mess something so simple up, can I?

The snow vanished in the blink of an eye last night when we were subjected to heavy rain and high wind. What a change a couple of days make. According to my weather station 15mm of rain fell over night, it doesn't sound much but combined with all the melting snow everywhere is pretty soggy this morning. What I hate most about the snow going is how dull everywhere looks.

While I'm writing this I've got one eye on the tennis where Murray is playing Djokovic in the final, so far it is one set all and dead even in the third set. My blood pressure on the other hand is going up and up. I would love Murray to win as I really think this could be his year but Djokovic is a formidable opponent, not known for giving in easily. I have a feeling this will go to five sets with tied breakers all the way.

Apart from the making of the pie I have a totally free day. I have done all the little jobs I had lined up this weekend and am looking forward to an afternoon of sloth before four days of work. To top it all we won't have to drive down to Hatfield this afternoon to take Andrew back to college. He will be able to go on his bike which both makes me relieved and worried. I am relieved that he has his independence back while at the same time dreading the thought of him shooting down the motorway. That's the trouble with being a mum, you are never happy.

The change of weather has made a dramatic if positive change to my breathing and I feel better than I have in days. I've managed to abandon my oxygen while moving around the house and my lips have turned back to their gentle lavender shade so things are definitely looking up. We've even managed to turn the heating off for a few hours this morning as we were getting too hot!

Well I'm afraid the tennis has won and I just have to go and sit and watch it rather than 'just keep and eye'. With a bit of luck I will be a very happy bunny this afternoon, but i wouldn't count on it.