Saturday, 30 August 2014


I lied when I said I had nothing to do yesterday. I'd sort of forgotten the shopping.

We went late as a result, and in the hurry I'd failed to check the larder. Big mistake as I'm trying out a couple of new recipes, and knew roughly what to get, but not the quantities. I decided that it would be better to buy too much than too little so bought two large bags of walnuts and 600ml of single cream. When I got home I found I needed 300ml of cream and 100g of walnuts. I have about a kilo.  The walnuts will keep and will no doubt get used up in my banana bread at some point. As for the cream, well I'm sure no one will object to an apple and blackberry crumble this Sunday.

Apart from that it was a quiet day. I didn't get to sit in front of the TV because I decided to transfer all my music onto my Hudl and it's a long process. I'm up to 'H' so far. I already have my music on two mp3 players but decided that for simplicity I'd get everything in one place and then I've got it one way or another. There is another benefit I've discovered too. I can use wireless headphones to listen to music from the hudl without having to carry it about. This is going to be so good when I'm cooking. At the moment I use one of the mp3 players and that means an extra wire to get hooked around door handles etc. It is so frustrating to be elbow deep in a meatloaf mixture and have your headphones pulled out. Now it won't happen, yay!

So what is it that I'm making this weekend. Well, inspired by the Great British Bake Off, I'm attempting a savoury tart with cheese ham and chives and a date and walnut loaf. I've never eaten the first and used to love the second when my mother made it as a kid. I still have about seven packets of dates from my buying frenzy last week so all I needed were the nuts. I will post pictures of my efforts tomorrow, with recipes if they turn out reasonably well.

My plans for my holiday are gathering pace and, having done some research online, we've settled on a few places we'd like to see. The Minster is obvious and there is a city walk to follow. We always do a walk on the first day for two reasons. You get to see all the sites in one go and can then decide which ones to visit in greater detail.And it also hope to get you bearings so if you get lost you have a good chance of find your way back to the car. I'm beginning to get excited now. OK, more excited.

I'm especially pleased as I'm going to meet up with a fellow PH sufferer who lives in the area. Carole and I have been facebook friends for a couple of years now but have never met. So it was with great delight that I received an offer to meet up over coffee. I cannot wait as I always like meeting people I've been chatting too online. This will make our visit very special.

With that I will say goodbye for now. I have a bag of walnuts to crush. More tomorrow.