Saturday, 9 August 2014

Driving Mrs Roberts

Well he got in, he drove and he didn't hit anything.

Actually Andrew was a lot better than I'd expected. In the end Peter came with us, a) to help with instruction and b) because he wanted to do some shopping too, so I sat in the back and let them get on with it. We did a quick mini trip to Flitwick in the morning where I stocked up on fruit and veg and Andrew practiced parking in bays. He did very well, admittedly it was a disabled bay so quite wide, but we decided to get him well practiced on the easier stuff first. Then it was off to fill up with petrol. He needed a bit of advice here as he pulled up too far away from the pump and not forward enough. However he knows what to do now so next time he should be fine. Then, coming home, it was the big one, parallel parking. We choose a space that was about two car lengths and Peter was very good telling him what to look for, how to turn the wheel etc. It took a couple of attempts and one stall but overall we were very pleased.

After lunch, and now less convinced that my pride and joy will end up in a ditch, we let him loose on the motorway. A few more attempts at bay parking and then another go at parallel and we were done. If I have any real worries it's with gear changes, a bit rough at the moment as he is not used to the clutch, and steering. The power steering threw him a bit and he tended to over-steer, he also goes around corners as though they are fifty pence pieces. However everything he did wrong was all down to practice. As he's only ever driven a car four times in two years and has never driven the 156, I think he did really well.

The trip out really perked me up and I felt more like me again. If it was a virus it is certainly on the way out, thank goodness, but I'm wondering whether it was just heat exhaustion. Well the only way to find out is to go back into the environment I think is causing the problem so I'm back in work on Monday. Only for two days though as it's my wedding anniversary on Wednesday and I've got the day off. Back in again on Thursday and then three days off. It should be enough to see if it is the heat in the room without me keeling over again. We will see. I hope it was just a virus because it it is not then I don't know what I'm going to do. I can't just stop working during the hot months.

Amazingly I got a call yesterday form H@H. On the month I get rid of them they actually ring me on the day they are supposed to. How bizarre is that? The girl I spoke to seemed to take it personally when I said I'd been moved to another provider. 'Oh! Why is that?' I was speechless! In the end she said rather huffily that she'd check for notification from the hospital. If she couldn't find one she'd ring me back on Monday. Peter is of the opinion I should just go for it and that way, if both deliver, at least I'll have built my stock back up. The problem I have is can I put up with all the aggro for one more month? Oh well. I have the weekend to think about it.

Today I'm spending a quite one watching DVD's and snoozing, mainly because I was awake at five this morning. No idea why. Nothing really woke me I was just awake and couldn't get back off to sleep again. So I went and made myself a cup of tea and sat in bed reading. Although I feel fine at the moment I'm pretty sure I'll be a mess come three.

We have been told to brace ourselves for a hurricane tomorrow. Looking out of the window at the moment that seems rather hard to believe. However the way the weather has been this year anything is possible. It looks as though it will hit us by midday, having made a mess of the south west corner of the UK early on Sunday morning. Of course the weather forecasters are hedging their bets by saying they cannot be sure exactly which part of the UK it will hit. Or if it will hit us at all, if we are lucky it will make a detour into France instead. In other words they don't know what's going to happen but are issuing their silly colour coded warnings like confetti just in case.

As I've already been up four hours my stomach is telling me to eat something, so I'm off in search of biscuits. More tomorrow.