Thursday, 7 August 2014

Having a Dickens of a Time

The big question is do I feel better?

Well I certainly feel more rested and less stressed, certainly a step in the right direction. I also didn't wake myself up coughing last night so had a solid eight hours. My SATs remain high, for me, at 91% so it looks like I'm not going to go downhill and will be on the mend soon, we can but hope.

Yesterday was a long day of doing nothing much. I played a few games on my computer. I try not to do this as I quickly become obsessed, read a few chapters of my book and watched a lot of rubbish on TV. In short I had a really lazy day, perfect! My one sadness is that I missed the last day of one of my supervisors, Karen. She has spent the last few years studying to become a teacher and is starting her new adventure in September. I will miss her dreadfully as she was one of the very few people I felt I could really confide in. Still there is always a plus side and this clouds silver lining is that I've gained a trusted and loyal friend.

Of course I can never escape work completely and found myself having a long Skype conversation with my sister Wendy yesterday as she badly needed advice on a very tricky situation involving my niece. Obviously I don't mind giving advice to any of my family and friends but sometimes the cross over between work and home life is extremely narrow. Job done, I really hope it was of some use I retired to the sofa and watched Traffic Cops, what did I say about never getting away from work, lol!

Talking of books I'm currently reading Drood by Dan Simmons. The book is supposed to be the finished version of Charles Dickens unfinished novel The Mystery of Edwin Drood. I am not a Dickens fan, though have read most of his works, and this is nothing like a Dickens novel. In short it appears to be a character assassination of Charles Dickens and Wilkie Collins, the supposed narrator of the book, crossed with a very poor 'Mummy' copy. Now I very rarely give up on a book. I think I've only not finished two but the further in I get with this novel the more I feel I might not make it. In short if you are a Dickens fan and think you are in for another classic don't bother. If on the other hand you like fantasy adventure you may just get on with it.

Of course I had to alert Papworth that I was a bit under the weather. This I hate doing because I live in fear of being removed form the list for a period of time. They have never removed me yet, but the fear remains. Once again they said that it was fine and I could stay on the list, however if I got worse then I was to let them know, standard advice and I once again breathed a sigh of relief.

So what to do today, well same as, same as really. Resting up, watching TV and generally behaving myself, which we all know is not what I do best.

Today is the last of a set of four for Andrew and tomorrow is the great 'first time in the 156' moment. I don't know who to worry about most, my precious car or my precious son. I think the car wins it as he will much safer in the car than he is on his bike. Peter is going with him for the first trip just in case he gets himself in a situation he can't get himself out of. The turning circle of an Alfa 156 is rather greater than that of a Suzuki Bandit for instance.

I face a dilemma tomorrow. Do I attend my warfarin clinic? Tomorrow I will be two weeks over due with my test, having walked out last week. As I'm sort of convinced I picked this virus up at it last week, my instinct is to say no, leave it until you are better. Certainly Peter thinks I should wait as he thinks I could well pick up something else. The trouble is if I ring in and say I'm not coming because I'm not well they are going to think it is just an excuse. I think I'm going to have to make that decision tomorrow.

Right better get on. I'm going for comfort food today, thankfully my appetite hasn't been compromised, and have dragged a steak and ale pie out of the freezer for lunch. I just wish the blackberries were ready because I really fancy blackberry and apple crumble for afters.