Friday, 29 August 2014

Autumn Approaches

How depressing is it that we are hurtling towards winter and summer is pretending to be autumn. All it has done this week is rain and blow and feel cold. So cold in fact that I've dug out some winter woollies and am wandering around the house in my slipper socks instead of bare feet. This is very worrying considering I only have one week to go before my, much looked forward too, holiday. However I thoroughly enjoyed myself last year in Canterbury despite the wind and the rain, so maybe I shouldn't feel too down about it.

Seen a lot of these little fellas racing
 around the lawn this week
This week has been a bit of a downer for me. I am not really sure why. After being told how well I'm doing by the Brompton last week I was disappointed to find myself feeling a little under the weather. I've struggled with my breathing all week and have found moving around a lot more difficult. I can only put it down to the sudden change in weather as I'm certainly not ill. That's the trouble with this illness one day you are feeling buoyant because you are told there has been an improvement and the next you are sent crashing down by a change in the weather. Stupid PH!

My lovely colleagues have been brilliant though and have helped me where they can. As you know I have a special chair at work now that supports me better and allows me to feel less tired. This chair is kept in the locker room when I am not there and so has to be wheeled from there to my place of work every time I'm in. Although it is a short distance, and the chair is not heavy, the sheer physical effort of getting it from one place to another makes me very tired. Now I find I am arriving at work to find my chair has been put in the room for me and I almost always get someone offering to put it away for me. If only they knew how much these little gestures help they'd be amazed. I am so lucky to be working with such kind people.

Andrew is currently taking his first road trip in the car and is exploring the delights of Wales. His girlfriend, Svet, arrived from Bulgeria on Wednesday and they set out to Aberystwyth on Thursday morning. The few communications I've had indicate that all is going well and they are enjoying themselves. They will be back late on Saturday so no doubt I'll hear all about it then.

Laurence celebrated his twenty sixth birthday this week, goodness that makes me feel old, and I enjoyed a chat with him on the phone.

Peter is applying for a new job this week. It is full time, 9 - 5 but it means no more getting up at three in the morning. no more late nights, no more having the weekends, bank holidays and Christmas ruined by emergencies. He will know exactly when he is working and because it is full time, rather than the part time he does now, I will be able to cut my hours and spend more time resting. I will be keeping everything crossed for him, and me.

So today I'm resting up and doing some online retail therapy. In truth I am running out of all sorts of things so need to restock so it is more necessity than pleasure. I will probably throw in a few treats here and there though, I always do. Later on I'm going to settle on the settee and watch a few Richard Attenborough films. Brighton Rock and Jurassic Park are my favourites so they will be watched first.

Talking of Attenboroughs I watched little brother David's programme on frogs last night. I have always had a bit of a soft spot for these creatures and until recently had a frog shaped computer mouse. I loved it! He made what essentially is a one hour lecture so interesting and the hour flew by. Apparently there will be a new series of his coming out in the autumn. I can't wait.

I went into the garden this morning have picked a huge haul of blackberries. There are more ripening and it looks as though I'm going to be on track to make at least one pound of jam. The freezer drawer is filling fast and I'll soon have enough for my first experimental attempt. I'm not going to try a whole batch until I've made a first attempt. These delicious squishy fruits are far too precious to throw away in large quantities if I mess up.

Right, time and credit card wait for no man (or woman). More tomorrow.