Sunday, 10 August 2014


Well I have to admit the weather has changed, though hardly storm conditions. A bit windy and a bit wet but no worse than any other day in autumn/winter. Maybe we have been lucky and it's missed us or maybe we will get the worst of it later on. It is significantly cooler though and one of the first things I did this morning was close the bedroom window, it was like waking up in a freezer.

Yesterday was spent as predicted, on the settee either reading or watching TV. However come the evening things got significantly more exciting.

Around nine Peter walked down stairs, as he's done several times a day for over twenty eight years and was in the kitchen making a drink seconds later when there was this terrible banging and crashing from upstairs. I was on the settee, where else, and nearly jumped out of my skin. My first thought was that Andrew had had an accident as he was in the shower. Peter and myself raced to the stairs and were greeted by dozens of books, pictures, minus their frames and glass, the said frames and glass lay in pieces at the bottom of the pile. One of the shelves we have above the stairs had collapsed sending its contents tumbling down the stairs taking whatever was hanging on the wall with it. We stared open mouthed for a few seconds and then set about clearing the mess. Thankfully no one had been underneath when it went because it would have hurt, a lot. The books are now stacked on the stairs until Peter gets time to fix the shelf, which will probably be next weekend. We have tested the other shelves and they seem OK, at least for now.

Last night I watched a brand new show called Tumble. Obviously born off the Olympic/Commonwealth Games vibe, this show has celebrities competing in a variety of gymnastic come circus type tasks. As a concept I'd say even on paper it sounds dull and desperate, and dull and desperate it turned out to be. The celebrities were mostly too old for the tricks they were attempting and the main fascination was who was going to injure themselves first. Actually celebrities was elevating most of them way above their station. The chief judge was Olga Korbet who wisely kept her clothes on and did not attempt to 'show how it's done', unlike another judge who attempted a vault and very nearly landed on his face. The highlight was watching judge Lewis Smith perform with other members of the UK's Olympic gymnast team. Lewis even threw in a few dance moves just to remind us that he is also a Strictly winner. I like Lewis Smith and I like watching top quality gymnasts performing at their best. Tumble I did not like and will not be watching again anytime soon.

I'm feeling better again this morning, whether that's down to the cooler conditions or the virus doing one I don't know. So it is back to work for me tomorrow.

Right, well it's short but sweet today. I must say I'm looking forward to the day when I'm doing so much I can't fit it all into one blog. Maybe soon. Next blog Friday.