Sunday, 24 August 2014

Lunch With My Boys.

Yesterday's blog was probably a bit boring being about medical stuff etc, so today I promise only fun things, well almost.

It was an extremely hectic but fun day yesterday. We started off by going shopping, a must I'm afraid, and ended it bloated and happy. Because of Friday's appointment we couldn't face shopping on our return home so put it off until Saturday morning.  Taking to heart my weight problems I decided to look for something I could nibble during the day that was high in calories but also fairly healthy and I hit upon dates. I absolutely adore this small, brown, sticky, sweet mouthful of loveliness and they were my one Christmas, must have, treat when I was little. Now of course, you can get them almost any time of year and they have become a lot cheaper to buy. So I set out to see whether I could find any. Imagine my delight when I found a huge basket full of the things, all being sold off for 50p per packet. I was in heaven and stuffed a dozen packets into my trolley. I have already finished of one and a half packets. The best before date is January 2015 but I doubt they will last until the end of September.

I also seduced myself into buying some mixed vegetable juice. It sounds delicious and I want to start keeping my Vitamin C levels up as we approach the cold and flu season. I don't like taking tablets so much prefer to increase my fruit intake instead. Veggie juice is a lovely easy was of getting what I need, and has less of the sugary stuff that seems to have health guru's foaming at the mouth these days. That reminds me, I must contact my doctor and book my jab.

Back home we waited the arrival of Laurence. It is his birthday on Wednesday so while we were all available we decided on a family lunch out to celebrate. I'd booked a table at The Bell in Westoning, told you I was impressed, and we were ready for a blow out. Andrew drove so that Peter, Laurence and I could all have a drink if we wanted one. In then end I decided to have a fruit juice to keep Andrew company and so I could drive back if he changed his mind. With four of us at the table we had the meat platter starter to share. Peter and I would have preferred the veggie one but Laurence's birthday treat so his choice. The platter came with fresh bread and a red pepper dip, there were also some garlic mushrooms and pickled gherkins. I contented myself with some bread and the dip, while Peter enjoyed the mushrooms.

For our main both Peter and Laurence went for the spaghetti dish Peter had last time, Andrew had the mushroom ravioli and I had the spinach and ricotta cannelloni. The food was as delicious as the last time, though Andrew found his ravioli a bit too salty for his taste. He ended up finishing off my cannelloni though, which he did enjoy. They both had pudding while Peter and I watched, both stuffed to the gills.

We returned home for coffee and then sat in living room talking and watching rugby, we were all too full to do anything else. After Laurence left Peter and I watched the GP qualifying, I'd recorded it knowing we'd be out. Neither of us felt like anything for tea but we did tuck into some fruit later that evening. We fell into bed around 1030 and both slept like the dead.

I woke very refreshed this morning and, after having a bath and mixing up my weekly drugs, I decided to weigh myself. After all I'd spent the last two days mostly eating, surely I'd put something on. I've lost a pound since Friday. How is that even possible? Is someone slicing chunks off me in the night? Oh well looks like I found the dates just in time. I now have three weeks to put on those few extra pounds before the Papworth weigh in.

Today is my 'do nothing' day. I watched the Grand Prix with Peter and ironed my uniform, I forgot yesterday, and then I took a turn around the garden picking blackberries. I got a whole bowlful on Friday and there were a lot that were almost ripe then. I usually go out every two days during the berry season. This gives the berries time to ripe between picks but doesn't give the birds much time to spot them. Generally that means I get more than they do. I also had a lovely skype chat with my sister who is having a bit of a rough time of it at the moment.

Tonight I will put my feet up and enjoy a spot of TV with Andrew before an early night as it's work again tomorrow. Right time to get my lunch ready for work, being a bank holiday tomorrow I must make sure I take it in with me or I'll be starving all day. Next blog Friday.