Friday, 14 September 2012

Time To Unwind

Twenty days of holiday! Yes you did read that correctly, twenty days!

I decided that after what amounts to eight months of stress, disappointment and upset I needed some serious downtime so applied for leave, without much hope it must be said, and to my surprise got it granted within a couple of days. I could not believe my luck. So here I am with all this time stretching ahead of me to really chill.

It is not going to be all R & R though. Next week I have the final round of shopping, washing and ironing to do in preparation for Andrew's departure to university. We of course are the removal men so next weekend will be devoted to running around getting him settled and sorting out any hiccups along the way. After that I'm free as a bird so we are planning a last minute get away, it will only be for a few days but even a few days out of the loop will help enormously. The 'get away' has been helped somewhat by a surprise call from Papworth cancelling my appointment on the 24th and pushing it back until 8th October, so I don't have to be around for that anymore. I wasn't disappointed, I've been cancelled so often I'm used to it now.

So before looking to the future what has happened in the past, or at least since my last blog? Well not a lot to be truthful. Work was the same and even the neighbours have settled down again. I did have slight run in with a visitor to my new neighbours though. I arrived home to find someone had parked right across my drive so parking as best I could I got out and march up the drive to knock on the door.  A man opened the door with a 'what do you want' look on his face which quickly changed to apologetic and a 'yes, I'm so sorry, I'll move it right away'. I couldn't make out why the sudden rush to be accommodating until I got upstairs and started to change and realised I was in uniform. Doh! I'm so used to it now I don't even think about it, though I do cover up if popping into a shop on the way home. I deal with people's problems every day at work, I DO NOT want them foisted on me in my downtime when I'm trying to decide what to get for tea.

The one other notable event this week was the great tea throwing incident.

I was sitting at my desk on the phone to another 'Mr Angry' when my colleague walked behind me with a cup of tea. Unfortunately she caught her foot on something and slipped and before I knew it I was doused in hot tea. She was mortified and quickly whipped out a packet of tissues and started to dab me in an effort to dry me off. All the while I was trying not to laugh. This lady is such a sweetie and looks out for me whenever she can so of course I wasn't cross and reassured her that there was no harm done. I did spend most of the afternoon feeling rather damp though.

Today Andrew got through the final hurdle before leaving for university and that is passing his motorcycle test. Partly because he will be doing placements in London as part of his course, and partly because he has got his eye on being a motorcycle quick response paramedic he decided life would be easier on a bike. Having driven through London many times I have to agree a bike is probably the most sensible option. It will also be cheaper too.

Before I close this blog can I just mention that a very dear friend is doing a sponsored walk/hike in aid of Alzheimer's charities. If you feel you can donate please just follow the link below. 

So what have I got planned for today? Well I'm glad to report absolutely nothing, I'm on holiday and I intend to enjoy every minute.