Saturday, 8 September 2012

Nuisance Neighbours

Well this weekend has, so far, provided more excitement than I'd imagined.

The bike shop rang to say Andrew's bike was in and so off we went to pick it up reasoning that it would be approximately an hour long round trip and we'd all be back in time for tea on the decking. Wrong! I'd forgotten it was Friday and traffic was already building on the the roads. Getting to the bike shop was relatively easy as we seemed to be travelling against the flow of the traffic. However I'd already made a mental note to go a different way home as there were already long queues at traffic lights and roundabouts.

We arrived at the shop and I hung on to make sure everything was OK and then I set off home with Andrew close behind me. The traffic was heavy but flowing nicely until we hit the A6 where it ground to a halt. Realising this was no ordinary stop go I put the radio on and my heart sank when I heard that there had just been a nasty accident near to the turn off I was heading for. My heart sank even further when an ambulance flashed past us with lights and sirens going. Unfortunately we had already passed the only other alternative turn off so short of turning around and going back the way we had come we had no other choice than to sit and wait it out. Eventually cars started to come the other way in groups of ten and at the same time we started to edge forward. The accident was indeed nasty and we arrived at the scene in time to see one of the drivers being worked on in the car and the other lifted into the back of the ambulance.

And the excitement didn't end there.

I was woken at around two o'clock by a car door slamming and then excitable male voices all obviously drunk. They laughed, they yelled, they shushed each other in an exaggerated manner before laughing again. This went on for about half an hour before a woman's voice, clearly sober and angry, shouted at them to 'shut up and get inside', which they did and piece returned.

This morning the entertainment continued in the form of a blazing row going on in the close opposite us. Screaming and shouting then someone in a pick up truck arrived screaming 'where is he, where is he, I'll kill the little bastard.' At that point the Astra parked on the driver, presumably driven by said 'little bastard' took off like a bat out of hell swiftly followed by the pick up. Ten minutes later the Astra returned, driven by someone else, followed about two minutes after that by the pick up truck, both still driven at speed. Both drivers ran into the house and now it has gone ominously quiet and we are anxiously waiting for the next installment, me with my finger on the '9' button of my phone.

These particular neighbours have always been a bit volatile with most of the problems caused by the son who is know to be extremely dodgy. These are the same neighbours that were subject to an early morning raid by police a few months ago. I would not be a bit surprised if the son ends up either murdered or jailed sooner or later.

Back in the peace and quiet of home I am happy to report I'm feeling a lot, lot better. I intend to help this feeling of well being along by spending a good deal of the afternoon stretched out on the decking with a good book. In fact I have a very lazy weekend planned altogether. I just hope it isn't ruined by world war three kicking off across the road.

I am however feeling extremely poor having just transfered a substantial amount of money into Andrew's account to help with his expenses and act as an emergency fund. He has said that he will pay most of it back at the end of the year, somehow I don't think I'll be holding my breathe. I've now got to start on another year of saving so I can do the same next September.

I am waiting anxiously to hear from Laurence about the kittens he is seeing today. Unfortunately I forgot to ask what time he was going so it might be a long wait. He has promised to put pictures up on Facebook so I can see them too.

There is one downside to living in the country and it became all too evident last night. One of the surrounding farmers had decided to spray his fields. With what I don't know but it made my eyes water as I shot around the house closing all the windows. It was almost two hours before the pong had faded enough to open them again.

Talking of smells I must go and hang out the washing before the BBQ bonanza starts. I know I can't do anything to stop it but why must my lovely fragrant herbs be over powered by the smell of burning meat EVERY sunny day we have?