Thursday, 6 September 2012

Snap, Crackle, Pop

How remiss of me! I thought I'd already added this link to my page but can't find it so here we go again.

The above link is to the blog of a fellow suffer of PH. Stacie is a lot younger than me and it is nice to get a totally different viewpoint on how PH affects someone. I hope you enjoy the read.

I have reached that stage of a cold where, although no longer deaf, I feel as though I am listening to a badly tuned radio station. The volume goes from nonexistent to 'rock group' in seconds and in between there is a lot of hissing, crackling and the occasional 'pop'. However overall I must say I am feeling better though still sleeping a lot. I have booked an appointment to see the GP tomorrow as a precaution. I have a long history of things flaring up over weekends and holidays so I want to be absolutely sure everything is still OK while I still can.

I was having a nap in the garden yesterday when my supervisor rang to ask how I was and to give me my hours for next week. She must have thought I was being thick because I kept asking her to repeat herself as I couldn't hear her. We got through the conversation in the end and I think I know what I'd doing, at least I hope I do.

The radiator/towel rail in the bathroom is now working, all our radiators work again, after some frantic bleeding, and there are no leaks. So we are all set for the winter and we are going to have the extra luxury of wrapping ourselves in warm towels after getting out of the bath or shower, bliss.

Laurence rang to say he was going to see some kitties on Saturday. They are two little boys aged approx four months, so not tiny but still small, and they are ginger and white. What did I tell you! He'll end up with anything but the colours he wanted. He has promised not to take them straight away but to think about it for a day or two before making the commitment. I suspect I'll be getting a call on Sunday saying he's taken them home.

Andrew has finally presented me with a list of 'must get' items that he needs to have for college. I'm now gearing myself up for yet another spending spree. Sorry credit card.

Today Andrew and Peter are clearing out the gutters and washing down the fascias ready for winter and I have my heart in my mouth. I hate heights and the thought of standing on a ladder at the same height as the roof fills me with real fear. So naturally I cannot relax while my men are putting themselves in, what I perceive to be, terrible danger. If they get through the day without one of them falling off or injuring themselves in some way it will be a bonus. If I get through the day without having a heart attack it will be a miracle.

My next door neighbour has exhibited some really strange behaviour this last week. He seems to be having his own private argument with the world and it is causing some consternation in our household.

Our road is a dead end but right at the top there is a footpath that leads to the railway station. As a result commuters tend to park along the road to save paying the horrendous fees charged by the station car park. Normally, although a bit of a pain, there are no real problems. Most of the houses have garages and all have driveways so there is normally very little street parking by the residents. However my neighbour has taken to parking on the road outside his house leaving his drive way empty to stop commuters parking outside.

I think the reason for this sudden spat of territorial chest beating is down to a purple vehicle, no idea what it is but it is similar to an old Ford Mondeo, that has taken to parking outside my neighbours house, not just for a few hours but sometimes for days. Sometimes it parks slightly overhanging my neighbours drive and this is where the problems began. First he left little notes on the windscreen. I have no idea what they said but it seemed to make the problem worse. Then we had the 'standing guard until the owner returned and then going out to have a word' stage. This resulted in some heated exchanges but didn't lessen the problem and so we are now at the 'preventing parking altogether' stage. How long I wonder before this car parks on my neighbours drive? Then there really will be fireworks.

Ever since we moved here twenty odd years ago there have been commuters parking. Although it does make the road look untidy I've never really had that much of a problem with it. Mainly because I'd be leaving for work around the time the commuters arrived and returned home as they were leaving so never really saw them. However over the past few years there has been a distinct reduction in the respect for residents and now it is quite common for cars to park directly opposite each other, narrowing the road so it is difficult to drive between them, or overhanging the driveways making it difficult for residents to get on or off their own property. This has become more of a problem for me since I started working shifts. If I leave late or arrive home early I often find a car parked in such a way that getting on or of the drive is near impossible. Unfortunately while this kind of behaviour may be thoughtless it is not illegal so short of ruining the look of the road with yellow lines there is little anyone can do.

Paralympics Watch

Oh wow! What an education that turned out to be. Anyone who thought that being in a wheelchair meant you were helpless should watch this and think again. Wheelchair Rugby or Murderball, as it is more accurately called, was mad, rough and downright lethal but so entertaining to watch. I don't think I totally understood the rules, if indeed there were any, but that didn't matter. I particularly liked the occasional pitch invasion by an army of helpers who righted upside down players and mended wheels. It catches you by surprise the first time it happens but without it the game would soon grind to a halt. In the end Team GB lost but not for the want of trying that's for sure. Best event of the games by a long, long mile.

Well I'd better go, I've just been called to admire the first stage of 'big clean'. At least they are both still in one piece, so far.