Friday, 21 September 2012

Socks? Check!

I am glad to report that Tarmac is fully recovered and well enough to try the same thing again this morning. This time I wasn't carrying anything and was able to avoid him without doing myself any damage. As I've said before a cat with very little brain.

Well it is not half past nine in the morning yet and I've already had an argument.

Healthcare at Home turned up at my door demanding I hand over one of my pumps as it was due for a service (I have two pumps to make the evening and morning drug swap easier and safer). I had not been notified of any collection and the bloke had not brought a replacement pump with him. Trying to explain that I could not be left with just one pump was like trying tie to shoelaces in mittens, damn near impossible. In the end I think I got through and he went off empty handed with the threat that 'he'd be back'. Well maybe he will but he is still not getting a pump off me unless I get a replacement first.

Today I am compiling a check list so that when we start packing tomorrow nothing vital will be left behind. A friend of mine discovered her son had left his shoes, laptop and phone charger at home after helping him unpack in Sheffield. He was not popular. So far the check list is enormous and contains the essentials such as 'comb' and 'toothpaste', I've even put down his socks, I'm taking no chances, I've lived with him for nineteen years and know what he's like. At least we do have everything he needs in the house somewhere. There are not going to be any last minute panics about tin openers, actually there might be over that one as I cannot remember where I've put our spare, and so it is just going to be a case of making sure everything is put in the suitcase of boxes and safely transfered to the car. Should be a easy, shouldn't it?

I am beginning to get pangs of sadness now, I only have him for two more days and he's gone. He says he is going to be back at weekends but I suspect that will tail off once he gets used to uni life and makes friends. After all a night in the pub with his mates will far outweigh film night with a bowl of popcorn with his parents.

I am please to see that Dale Cregan has been charged with the murder of the two police officers and the two men he was on bail for killing. With a bit of luck he won't see the outside of a prison cell for a very, very long time. I was further delighted to hear of the arrest of one of the vile trolls that set up one of the facebook sites praising Cregan's actions. I know some people are uncomfortable with it, free speech and all that, but sometimes free speech goes too far and has to be dealt with.

At the moment I've got twenty doughnuts sitting in my kitchen. Peter did another supermarket raid on the way home last night and found the doughnuts, two cheese and onion flans and twelve bread rolls on special offer so snapped them up. I have to say I am getting a bit sick of doughnuts now though the flans and the rolls have been put in the freezer for future use.

Well we are off out again this afternoon as Andrew wants to get some waterproof trousers as he is going to be using his bike a lot more in bad weather and at present he only has his Kevlar filled trousers. They will stop him from skinning his knees if he comes off but are hopeless in anything other than a light drizzle.

By the time we leave him on Sunday me and my credit card will be needing a nice long rest.