Friday, 7 September 2012

Here, There And Everywhere

My goodness it has been a busy, busy day.

First up was accompanying Andrew to have his bike serviced. The place he goes to is nowhere near a bus or train route so he needed a lift back. We will be doing the same in reverse later today to pick the bike up.

Then it was off to the GP where it was decided I still have a cold but no sign of infection so I was mightily pleased with that. Apparently, just as with everything else, it will take longer for me to get over a cold than it will anyone else. I should have known. However she did give me a prescription of antibiotics 'just in case', so I am doubly happy and hopefully back in work on Monday.

While I was there I booked myself in for a flu jab and a Pneumonia jab. I have the flu jab every year, it would be really stupid not too. The Pneumonia jab I last had ten years ago and it is now very out of date so I'm biting the bullet to get it done again, after all you cannot be too careful when you have PH.

Then we did Tesco's and Costco just to get them out of the way. With the kids back in school it was an easy, trouble free and very quick shop. However not all kids were back in school. I was entertained no end by watching a two/three year old licking the window in Tesco's while her mother was distracted at the till. This toddler did not go up and down as you would think but went across in a narrow band. She must have covered about eight feet before her mother completed her shopping and marched her out of the shop with no hint of a telling off.

Back home after all the packing away I discovered a card from parcel force informing me that the local post office was holding onto something and so it was back out to get what turned out to be extra gloves and dressings that my drug delivery company had missed last time around.

Finally at just after two we were able to put our feet up and enjoy a nice cuppa and I found time to write this blog. It was a lovely day though so being out and about wasn't the chore it could have been. I'd have preferred lying in the garden in it though to driving up and down a busy motorway. Never mind, I have absolutely nothing to do tomorrow so if it turns out to be as nice that is exactly what I intend to do.

Paralympic Watch

We have now won more gold medals in the Paralympics than we did in the Olympics, what an achievement. 

I watched a little bit of wheelchair fencing today, can't say it thrilled me. Some sports really do translate to disabled players very well. I didn't feel this one did. All they seemed to do was take turns in poking each other with their swords, there didn't seem to be any of the cut and thrust of the able bodied game. It was all far to refined for me.

Well the call has come so I'm off to deliver Andrew at the bike shop then i'm sinking into the settee and NOT moving until bedtime. Phew!