Monday, 17 September 2012

I've Not Got The X Factor

Well the fuss over the topless photos of Kate rumbles on and is a prime example of how to make a drama out of a crisis. If they'd just kept quiet and ignored it the likelihood is that it would all be forgotten within a week.

The ironing lesson went well, probably because Andrew went running instead. Well if he wants to go around crumpled that is up to him but at least he will arrive there looking smart. However the session meant that I have already got all my uniform ready for when I go back in October so at least that isn't hanging over my head.

Talking about going back to work I've started to wonder whether I would actually be better off not working. The last few days, knowing I don't have to go back anytime soon, has made me realise how stressed out I've been. It's not the actual work that has stressed me but all the background stuff, the politics, the sniping that has started (probably because everyone is so stressed) and all the upheaval that has been going on lately with more to come. Of course I might actually feel better after a long break, it might just be the fact that I am unwinding that is making me feel like this, who knows. One thing I do know for sure, there will come a point when I'll have to say 'that's it, I've had enough' the question is have I already reached that point and that is what I'm going to be mulling over.

In the meantime it is fun, fun, fun all the way. Tomorrow is penciled in to go out and get the last bits and pieces for Andrew before he goes off to university, well I say penciled but it is the last chance really. So we are going to make the most of it and enjoy a meal out for a change. My credit card will take another hammering and I will be shattered at the end of it but it will be done and then it is all hands on deck packing the things ready for the big off on Sunday. I have tried to book a scooter for the day but once again they are all booked out. I don't know what is going on but I haven't been able to book a scooter at Milton Keynes for weeks. I think I'm going to have to look in to getting my own. The only trouble is finding one small enough to fit in the boot. Anyway it looks like I'm back in the wheelchair for the day, bugger!

I finally got around to watching on of the X Factor auditions and was shocked to find it was the last one. Shows how busy I've been that I didn't even realise it had started until about a week ago.

I've more or less given up on this programme to be honest. There is only so many really bad acts and vicious tempers you can watch before it becomes boring and lately even the 'talented' acts have been nothing special. Yes, occasionally you do feel for the person on the stage. The homeless man was genuinely good and genuinely in need of a serious break but should we be told about the backgrounds of the acts at all? I'm fed up with the stories of broken homes, violent relationships or 'doing it' for dead relatives and I'm sure a lot of people feel exactly the same. Which is probably why viewing numbers are falling. Surely a talent show should be about what you can do, not what a hard life you've had.

Some will say Strictly Come Dancing is also boring but there are some fundamental differences that are making Strictly more successful and more popular.

First up is the lack of sob stories, there is no 'vote for me because I got pregnant at twelve and want to build a better life' or those who think this is the easy way to get a life of luxury. The celebrities that take part, OK some will be wanting to further their careers, in general are just doing it for fun, and charity. They get paid to do the series admittedly but most do it for the kudos that comes with it. With Strictly you get to see the whole dance in it's entirety, most X Factor audition programmes show hardly any singing, I think someone recently timed it as eight minutes out of an hour show. And finally the prize at the end is just a tasteless glitter ball and the knowledge that they have raised an awful lot of money for charity. Strictly has the feel good factor, X Factor just has an air of desperation.

So what have I got planned for the rest of the day? Well apart from researching mobility scooters I think I'm going to enlist Andrew's help and try to tidy up the garden a bit ready for winter. First on the agenda, find my bird feeders. I know they are in that bush somewhere.

No blog tomorrow due to credit card fatigue.