Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Deaf As A Post

Well I'm writing a blog so I'm not well enough for work though I do feel a bit better than I did yesterday. Unfortunately I've been rendered deaf in one ear overnight so that is causing a few problems this morning as Peter and Andrew are having to shout at me to get a response.

Late yesterday afternoon I suddenly became very tired again and so Peter suggested using my oxygen to see if it would help. I was reluctant as I only use it when breathless, and one thing I'm not at the moment is breathless, but I agreed it couldn't do any harm so gave it a go. Surprisingly it did help and I got a much better night's sleep too. Another surprise is a surge in my appetite, for some reason I actually felt hungry yesterday and ate loads, and it all stayed put. I have just over two weeks before Papworth so if I can keep my appetite and get rid of my cold I should be all set.

Laurence sent a message yesterday to say he had passed the Cats Protection League inspection and will now get an appointment to view some prospective furry house mates. He seems very excited at the prospect, I just hope he doesn't fall for the first two he meets. He wants either black or grey cats as he was extremely fond of Guinness and adores Smirnoff, who replaced him. However I just know all he needs to do is see a sweet furry little face with big bright eyes and he'll be hooked no matter what colour.

Andrew is now getting restless and cannot wait to start his uni course. Although he has enjoyed the long break Andrew is not good at not being busy. He's a bit like his father in that respect, always on the go. Laurence is more like me and appreciates a bit of relaxing me time on occasion. There is some frustration however at the lack of information coming from the university. It would seem that, as in all things, some universities like to overwhelm while with others it is like pulling teeth. It does seem strange that so little has been sent out so far, though he does at least know where he's living and has a rough itinerary for his first term.

Feeling low I decided to do a little retail therapy to cheer myself up, the Internet is a wonderful thing and I've now got a huge box of Lush products heading my way. I feel a bit guilty as my credit card has been hit hard enough this month as it is but I've comforted myself with the knowledge that the next three months will make up for it as I will no longer be regularly feeding a gannet.

Talking of money, I don't usually make appeals for charity on this blog but I feel this appeal needs a little bit of extra publicity. This is a blog about PH after all. Even if you don't want to give I'd ask you to take a minute of your time to read the story attached to this charity appeal, it is a very special story about a very special person.

Leanne Pannell the subject of the story was one of the very first people who came forward to help and support me when I was first diagnosed. Chatting to her you would never think she was anything other than a typical teenager, which is exactly how she wanted to be viewed. She'd tell stories of how she would get told off for parking in disabled bays because no one would believe someone so young could be so ill. Leanne's determination to carry on as normally as possible and not sit around and bemoan her lot inspired me to try and do the same. Without her example I doubt I'd still be doing half the things I still do. Thank you Leanne, I hope you are happy wherever you are.

Paralympics Watch

Well once again the attention has been taken away from the actual athletes and is focused on events off the track. Both George Osbourne and Teresa May got roundly booed when they appeared at the games. I can't say I'm surprised but what does surprise me is the fact they were there at all.

It seems very odd to me that the man every disabled person in the UK blames for the current persecution of those too ill to work and the reduction of benefits is asked to present a medal at an event for disabled people. I mean what were they thinking when they booked him? Or was it an attempt to show George Osbourne how deep the feelings are running at the moment? All I can say is that it is a good job they didn't invite Ian Duncan-Smith, if he'd have dared to show his face there might have been an accident with a mis-thrown javelin.

Peter is busy in the bathroom trying to plumb in the new radiator/towel rack. This involves pulling up floor boards, lots of racing up and down stairs and a leak. Maybe it is just as well that we haven't chosen new flooring yet. I am trying my best not to get involved and to give him his due when I do ask if I can help he warns me off with a 'you're not well, sit back down and behave yourself,' or words to that effect. However it is a beautiful day so I'm off up the garden to sit on the decking with a good book and maybe have a little doze, in these circumstances I don't need telling twice.