Sunday, 2 September 2012

Tea For Two

Well four actually, we have been invited up to Laurence's for tea this afternoon. This is a very rare event and I am really excited about it. We have been instructed to arrive 'sometime after four' which suits us fine as it gives us time to watch the Grand Prix first.

Talking of the GP, I was really pleased and excited to see Button on pole for this race but disappointed at Hamilton's reaction. Whenever Hamilton gets pole or wins a race or even comes ahead of Button, Button claps him on the back and says well done. You get the impression that Button is genuinely happy for his team mate and very supportive of him. If it is the other way around however there are sulks and bitchy comments and only half hearted congratulations when forced to give them. I am rapidly losing my patience with Hamilton these days as he acts more like a spoiled kid than a mature racing driver. It is such a shame because I think he has real talent, if he could only channel his negative feelings into improving his performance rather than going around blaming everyone else for his failings he could be one of the greats.

We watched Pink Floyd's The Wall last night. Now I don't really care much for Floyd but I do like The Wall. Andrew, who had never seen it before, was mostly bemused by it all. We then spent about an hour explaining about Sid Barratt, the feud between Roger Waters and the other band members and how we'd gone to see The Wall in our early 20's at a local arts center in Aberystwyth. For someone who doesn't like Pink Floyd I seem to know an awful lot about them and have seen them more times than I've seen some of my favourite bands. How did that happen? The result of all this chatter was a very late night and a very slow start this morning, good job I'd taken today off as I'd have never made it in by eight.

Last night I had a bit of an emergency with one of my pumps. I had a call a week or so ago from my supplier to say that one of my regular pumps needed a service so they were sending a replacement pump and would collect my old pump this week. Yesterday I decided to do the change over and hit a whole raft of problems. Firstly the pump was completely unprogrammed and there were no instructions on how to set it. Luckily for me my hospital had shown me how to set the pump so after a bit of head scratching I managed to get it set up correctly for me. Satisfied that I wasn't going to kill myself I prepared the cassette and fixed it to the pump, primed the line and was just about to attached the new line to me, my old line was unattached and on the table, when the new pump started squealing. According to the display there was no cassette attached so I quickly removed the cassette and reseated it. It squealed again, this time I had air in the line. Off came the cassette and a quick examination showed no air anywhere so I replaced the cassette and off it went again saying there was no cassette attached. This continued for some time and no matter what I tried I could not get the pump to accept there was a cassette but no air. Conscious that I'd been without my drug for far too long I dug my old pump out of the box I'd packed it in for collection and attached that instead. It behaved perfectly first time. Needless to say it will be the new pump that will be returned tomorrow.

Paralympics Watch

To be honest I am watching this less and less. I don't know why it is but I am just not as enthralled as I was with the Olympics. Maybe it was because of the blanket coverage given by the BBC. Let's face it, you had to be pretty determined NOT to watch the Olympics. With channel four it is an effort to watch to be honest. The ad breaks drive me mad. You'll be waiting for a race to come up and listening to the pundits talk about this athlete or that athlete, without any pictures to work out who is who, then just as they come out on the track the commentator announces a 'quick break'. When you return they are in the blocks but you have missed the introductions so you still don't know who these people are. Perhaps most crucially you don't hear the roar of the crowd as they are introduced and that takes away the atmosphere to say the least. In some of the longer races they even take breaks in the middle of the event. This used to drive me mad when F1 was on ITV. Something important always happened during the break and was never adequately explained on the return. So frustrating.

Having got my appointment for Papworth and having lost another couple of pounds I realise that I need to do something drastic if I'm to get up to a decent weight before I go. So last night I started on the chocolate. At the moment I'm not so worried about healthy eating as long as the food is high in calories. Today I am making a cheese and bacon quiche for lunch, packed with cream. I am going down the little and often route and so far it seems to be working as most of what I've eaten has stayed put. A piece of toast with jam may not sound like a fulfilling breakfast but when you don't normally have breakfast it is a break through. I'm aiming for seven pounds in three weeks, I'm sure that is achievable.

Well quiche waits for no man and I'd better get going. Next blog Thursday.