Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Winner Takes It All

What a busy few days!


The build up to Christmas has begun even in my house as today I ordered my turkey from the local farmer. There will only be three of us for Christmas lunch as Laurence is working on all three holiday days so we are going to have a lot of meat left over. It's a good job that I'm crazy about turkey and Branston sandwiches.


Had our six month dental check ups today and was pleased to find I didn't need anything done. This is a huge relief as last time I went I ended up having a root canal and a crown fitted, hideous.


Spent the day cleaning up in preparation for Laurence's visit tomorrow, don't know why, he knows what the house is usually like. Still it was good to get things looking nice and clean and tidy. I'm on a bit of a cleaning frenzy at the moment, goodness knows why. Peter's been looking at me in a worried way and asking if I'm 'nesting'. I think it is just that I feel so well and have so much energy at the moment that I'm making the most of it. I'm pretty sure it won't last.


The big day arrived and we all had a lovely time. I cooked Cannelloni as I know Laurence loves it and we had a good long chat. The funniest thing was the way Smirnoff reacted. Laurence has always been Smirnoff's favourite, he is the only person who's lap he will sit on and he spent all his time in Laurence's room. Obviously he has not taken the desertion well. He refused to even look at Laurence and in the end had to be bribed with a bowl of milk to even get a purr out of him. Animals are so funny. Goodness knows how he will react when Laurence turns up again in the new year. When Laurence left I felt my first pang of sadness, the house suddenly seemed so empty. I know he is not far away but I miss having him around.


Back to work today and by God it was a cold one. It had rained overnight and then froze so my car was embedded in an ice cube. It took ages to scrape it all off. Had a complete disaster in the shower when the film I use to cover my dressing peeled off and my dressing got soaked. I change my dressing twice a week and hadn't planned to do so this morning so hadn't allowed extra time. I couldn't leave it as I risked infection so I had to do the change very quickly and didn't place the plaster properly so it pulled on my skin all day making me sore. The combination of the dressing disaster and the ice made for one very grumpy Hazel arriving almost late for work.


First thing this morning, after my shower, I replaced my dressing and feel much more comfortable. It is Peter's birthday today so I rushed home to plan a special birthday tea. He got lots of cards and I bought him a gadget that he's been hinting at for ages so he's got something to play with. I've no idea what it does or what it's for but he absolutely loves it and that is all that matters.

I was outraged to hear that the PM is doubling the budget for the opening ceremony of the Olympics. This is the same PM who's said we must pay more for less because the country is practically bankrupt. I could not believe it when I heard that. Wouldn't the money be better spent on health, education or even sports facilities to encourage future medal winners. The more I hear about these games the more I'm beginning to hate them. What a waste of money.

I'm A Celeb is finally over and with a surprise winner. I must admit I was disappointed Fatima didn't win. I found her far more entertaining than Mark and Dougie who seem a little bit wishy washy. Still I suppose Fatima didn't have an army of teenage girls as a fan base.

And talking of teenage fan bases Dougie's band mate Harry is still the favourite to win Strictly though the others are catching him fast. Chelsee has made a surprising late run and was absolutely brilliant on Saturday with her jive, she still annoys the hell out of me though. My favourite Jason seems to have faded a bit of late although his Gene Kelly number was wonderful. Robbie Savage was the big loser of the weekend and most are blaming Ola, who for once was completely covered from the neck down. All joking aside he was the worst dancer and it was his time to go. At the moment it is still anyone's game though and who goes through now rests on the dance as much as on the ability. Let's hope Jason gets a couple of show stoppers and doesn't cock it up this time.

Misha B left the X Factor and is blaming rumours of her bullying behaviour for her slip in popularity. Only having seen brief snippets of the X Factor I can only say that what I did see of her did not impress. She had a good voice but was not at all likable. I have no idea if the rumours are true but her leaving proves that singing talent has very little to do with the competition. No doubt there will be people muttering 'fix' right to the end.

Right time for this birthday tea.