Monday, 19 December 2011

Call Me!

Well Laurence did do his bungee jump and said that he would do it again. The only thing he complained about was how cold he was.

He arrived home early on Sunday afternoon looking more than a little tired. He and his mates had toured the pubs of Covent Garden until the early hours then had to be up again at seven for the jump. He was so shattered that he actually lay down on our bed and took a couple of hours nap. I baked a cake for tea which was a massive success, even if I do say so myself, and he left around six thirty looking a lot fresher and with a box of cake under his arm. All through tea he complained that he was getting too old for staying up all night. Old! He's only twenty three, youngsters today, they just have no stamina.

We are on edge today waiting for a phone call that will tell us that Andrew's Christmas present is in and ready for collection. We are getting him a net book, partly because I would like to have my laptop back and secondly because he will need one when he goes to uni. He has particular requirements and so finding a laptop with all of them hasn't been easy. We eventually tracked one down in a store in Luton and quickly put a reserve on it for pick up on Saturday. We arrived, gave our reservation number and paid while a shop assistant went into the back to collect our purchase. As he handed the box over we noticed that the seal had been breached. Further investigation showed the machine covered in fingerprints and with all the bubble wrap torn off. Even the paperwork was missing. Naturally we objected to this and fair do's to the assistant and the section head they agreed that what we had was the display item and not the brand new one we'd been promised. Unfortunately that was the only one left in the shop, a quick ring around found four in Richmond, one of which is now supposed to be winging it's way to Luton for us to collect sometime this afternoon. I pray there are no more hiccups or we could have one very disappointed baby come Christmas day.

Yesterday it snowed today it is grey and raining. Somehow the world looks better when under cover of the white stuff, outside today is just dark and wet and miserable and the worst thing, it is set to stay like that right up to Christmas.

In the news the big story of the day is the death of North Korea's 'Dear Leader' Kim Jong-Il. Reports say he died on Saturday of a heart attack while traveling by train. Not much is known about him being a secretive and protective country. Even less is known about his successor, son Kim Jong-Un. As the country has nuclear weapons and an army of five million lets hope that just like his father the new leader is more interested in rattling the west than attacking it. What got me were the scenes of grief, from the distraught newsreader to the ordinary person on the street. Either he was a much better leader than we were lead to believe or the common people are trying to keep in with the new boy. The last time I saw anything quite as bad as that was when Princess Diana died.

Someone who's passing will not be marked by any show of public grief is that of The Black Panther Donald Neilson. This man shot three sub postmasters and kidnapped and murdered teenager Leslie Whittle during a violent spree in 1974/75. Peter Sutcliffe, The Yorkshire Ripper was also on the loose around this time and I used to watch the news in a state of absolute terror. Thankfully both were caught and both locked up for life in a time when it actually meant life.

Ofcom is to investigate Jeremy Clarkson's comments on the strikers. Oh my God! Haven't they got anything better to do with their time? Seriously what has happened to people's sense of humour? Will there be an investigation into the money Ofcom are going to waste doing this pointless investigation?

I hate waiting in for phone calls, especially ones that never come. I won't start panicking yet though, Wednesday, that is when I'll start panicking.