Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Shopping In The Sales

Prince Phillip is out of hospital, we can all breath easy again knowing that Britain's favourite grumpy old man lives to carry on insulting foreigners on our behalf.

Today I decided that I'd had enough of lying on the settee stuffing myself with chocolate and watching crap so geared myself up to venture to the shops. I was surprised to find it wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be. We found a free parking space with very little trouble, I've had more trouble locating one on a normal Saturday, and were soon battling through the crowds. I tried to hire a scooter but all were booked out, in fact all were booked up for days so we brought my push along chair instead. However I decided to try getting around on my own two feet as I hate being in a chair when it is so busy. Inside the shopping center it was busier than the car park lead us to believe and it wasn't long before I began to feel very tired. In the end I was moving from bench to bench while Peter dashed in and out of the shops to see what was there. We looked at the TV's in John Lewis but agreed that as we didn't need one we'd leave it as the discounts were not that great. Peter looked at the photography stuff and I did a quick flit around the kitchenware, both coming away with empty hands. Our next stop was Waterson's as Peter had vouchers and he got a couple of books. To cut a long story short, after an hour an a half we came away with three paperbacks and a calender for the kitchen. How bad is that? The problem is that we both hate shopping and don't see the point of doing so unless we actually need something but at least we did try, even if we failed yet again.

At least our shopping experience wasn't as bad as that of those braving Oxford Street in London a couple of days ago. I cannot believe that someone was stabbed to death over a row over trainers. At first it appeared to be a case of shop rage but as more details emerge you have to wonder what the hell is going on with our young people today. As it turns out this was not a case of simple shop rage, this, it turns out, is gang related. Apparently there is a certain type of trainer that is worn by gang members, yes I know what you are thinking and no I don't know if each gang has a different trainer. Two rival gangs had rocked up to the shop selling the trainers, not to buy them, but to steal them. An argument broke out over who was stealing what and as a result one of them got stabbed and died. Is it bad that I have no sympathy for the lad that died or the gang members now 'helping police with their enquiries'? From my point of view you live by the trainer, you die by the trainer.

Spoke to my mother the other night and once again broached the subject of having a transplant. I've tried to speak to her about this twice now and am bemused and a little hurt that she doesn't even want to discuss it. She has been very enthusiastic and supportive throughout my battle with PH and the various treatments I've had but mention a possible cure and she clams up. I know some people find it hard to talk about things like this but as a former nurse I wouldn't have expect my mum to be squeamish. She found religion a few years back and has some odd views on various things as a result so I'm wondering if this is why she just won't talk about it. I'm not going to let her weird reaction stop me from going for it but I wish she'd back me on this as she has everything else.

Andrew had another driving lesson today. He did a perfect three point turn but managed to stall it yet again by choosing the wrong gear. He is still finding reversing around a corner incredibly difficult but all in all he enjoyed himself. His instructor is predicting him being ready to take the test at the end of February. He is still revising like fury and I'm very impressed that he has stuck with his revision programme as in the past it has tailed off within a few days. If he doesn't get good grade's in the January exam it will not be for the want of trying.

I'm back at work tomorrow but only for three days and then off for another five. I'm really looking forward to the New Year as Laurence will be coming to stay over New Year's Eve and we'll be having a big family meal New Year's Day. Can't wait!