Sunday, 18 December 2011

Oh The Weather Outside Is Frightful...

As I write this the snow is falling thick and fast outside my window, such a pity it is a week early.

Yesterday I did a stupid thing and braved Tesco's. I knew I shouldn't have but we'd run out of some essentials so really had no choice. It was mega packed. We were lucky enough to find a parking space, the joys of having a disabled badge, but once inside the shop we all but turned around and walked out again. Not only was the place so full I had difficulty getting near the shelves but the staff had chosen to park great big wire cages everywhere making getting around even more frustrating. I even witnessed two women having a heated discussion over a frozen turkey. Why do people go so silly over Christmas, especially this early? It is not like it was when I was young and the shops sometimes shut for up to a week, or had very limited opening times. Most shops are still open late on Christmas eve and then open as normal on Boxing day so why the panic? The trolleys were stacked so high they could hardly be moved and things were still being added and I have no doubt these same people will be back in next Saturday doing the same thing again. I felt quite under done coming out with just my usual weekly shop with a few nuts added. Don't get me wrong, I have done the 'must buy every treat going' shop in my time but soon came to realise that we either ended up throwing things away or were still eating them at Easter. What is the point? We will have a good Christmas meal and be able to slump in front of the TV and nibble on chocolates, cheese, nuts, fruit and biscuits to our hearts content but by the second of January everything will be gone and we will return to normal. And we will all breath a sigh of relief.

So Harry won Strictly, I'm not surprised as he's been the favourite since day one. I can't help feeling a little disappointed that Jason didn't at least make it into the final two though. I was less than inspired by 'pocket rocket' Chelsee's show dance and although her jive was good it wasn't a patch on Jason's Tango. Even so it was a very good series this year and you were kept guessing right to the last gasp which is how it should be. All to often in these things a clear winner emerges half way through and it loses it's sparkle. My only gripe is what to do with my Saturday evenings now that it is all over. Luckily for me Dancing On Ice starts in the new year, problem solved.

Another Christmas and another natural disaster hits somewhere in the world. This time it is flash flooding in the Philippines. Why do these things always seem to happen at this time of year, or is it just that for some reason you notice them more? I clearly remember watching the news on Boxing day 2004 the day a Tsunami hit Indonesia. It was the first time I can remember a big natural disaster during the festive season, I'm sure there were many before, I just didn't notice them. Since then there seems to have been one every year, how strange.

Laurence is doing a bungee jump off the O2 building this morning, for fun. I can think of other ways of having fun on a cold snowy morning in December, most involve snuggling up with a good DVD and a hot chocolate but each to their own. Will he actually go through with it? Probably as he won't want to lose face in front of his mates but I bet he never does it again. This afternoon he is coming to have tea with us. No doubt we'll get the whole tale then.

Having been woken up at six thirty this morning by Andrew going out to do his paper round I've managed to change all the beds, get the laundry done and have a long soak in the bath, all by eleven. I'm now at a loose end. I have presents to wrap for Peter but as it is snowing and he's got my cold he is reluctant to go out into his man shed or fiddle with his car so getting a quiet moment is going to be tricky. I might just have to resort to telling him what I'm doing and lock myself away for half an hour. After that it's a little bit of baking and then a sit down to watch the re-run of the Strictly final. I always record the final so I can watch the show dances again, beside what else am I going to do with myself on a snowy Sunday?