Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Wide Eyed And Breathless

Wouldn't you know it, I've caught the bug that's been doing the rounds at work. Most of my colleagues have managed to work through it and report symptoms such as sore throats, headache, blocked nose and a cough. I of course have to go one better and also have a burning, sore chest. So it is off to the doctors again. I can't tell you how pissed of I am with it all. I seem to have had one infection after another this year with only a week or two of respite in between. I tell you this transplant cannot come soon enough, though I will still be at risk of infection, maybe even more so. You're dammed if you do and dammed if you don't really but at least with a transplant if you are well you are really well and that will count for a lot. My GP confirmed that I had yet another infection and prescribed antibiotic, steroids and plenty of rest. I must admit I felt pretty rough this afternoon so I think I made the right call in going.

I finally managed to order Peter's Christmas presents today. They are guaranteed delivery in five days so plenty of time thank goodness. I've ordered three smaller things rather than one big thing this year. They are all things he's asked for so he should be happy.

Put up the Christmas tree and decorations today. Peter thought it was time we got into the Christmas spirit. I must say it is nice to see the hall and living room festooned in tinsel and lights. Maybe it will do the trick and I'll get in the mood soon, one can hope.

The weather is looking pretty grim at the moment, it was so cold this afternoon that I turned the heating on early. It could have been due to my cold but Peter also felt chilly. That is the first time we've had to do that and it looks like we'll be doing it a lot more over the next few days. There is a storm pushing in from the west and due to arrive in my area late on Thursday. At the moment they are not sure exactly which path it is likely to take. It will either pass to the south of us meaning we get less wind but will have snow instead, or it will pass over us giving seventy mile per hour winds. Some choice. Personally I'd prefer the wind to the snow as I've got to go to the Brompton on Friday and don't want to have to dig my way out.

In the news some of the details for the celebrations of the Queen's Diamond Jubilee have been released, no disrespect intended but how are we affording these celebrations? We are already paying through the nose for the Olympics and now we've got all this too. I like having a Royal family and do not mind part of my tax paying for the day to day mundane upkeep, after all they only cost each one of us pennies, but two big events in one year is going some. Of course it is not the Queen's fault that her Jubilee falls in the same year we get the Olympics. If I had a choice and had to pick one event to attend I would always pick the Jubilee as I feel the Queen has done more for the country than the Olympics ever will. And the Queen's celebrations hasn't interfered with my summer holiday the was the Olympics have.

Also in the news and all over You Tube is the foul mouthed student getting thrown off a train. It seems he now wants the bloke that stepped in to throw him off charged with assault. Poor little muffin it must have been so traumatic for him. What this pea brain fails to realise is that if he had the correct ticket, wasn't steaming drunk, didn't have a potty mouth and hadn't held hundreds of commuters up he wouldn't have been thrown off. Indeed if he'd just admitted his mistake and been polite he'd probably ended up with a small fine and made it to his destination unscathed. That's the trouble with most kids these days, the world owes them a living and nothing is ever their fault. Personally I hope the little git gets prosecuted by the rail company for not having a ticket, holding up the train, verbal assault and wasting everyone's time. Unfortunately it is more likely the man who stepped in will end up in court ensuring he and others like him will never step in to help again and putting another nail in the coffin of the fight against the yob culture. It makes you want to weep.

The fight for the Christmas number one is on and in the blue corner we have the choir made up of soldiers wives and in the red corner the X Factor winners. Now it has been a very long time since we had a decent Christmas number one, mostly because of the X Factor, so wouldn't it be nice if a choir singing Christmas songs triumphed over four floozies who can barely hold a tune. This year I think it might well be possible, at least I hope so.