Friday, 9 December 2011

Rumour Has It.

Had a complete shocker this morning. After weeks of eating like a pig I was convinced that I must have put some weight on at last. With great excitement I got the scales out and stepped on, I've lost another three pounds and now weigh less than seven stone, how is that possible? I'm really worried about my weight, none of my clothes fit me properly anymore but I'm reluctant to go out and buy more in case I do reverse the trend. I'm off to the hospital for my regular clinic next Friday so I'll discuss the situation with them, maybe they can come up with some ideas to stop me fading away. On the brighter side, I will be able to completely pig out this Christmas without worrying, for every cloud etc, etc.

Yesterday at work was trying. We have the decorators in and they divided the room in two with a plastic sheet so they could paint, lay carpet and do what they had to do. Unfortunately this meant that for fourteen people there were only eight desks. My unfortunate colleagues arriving later in the day found themselves parked in whichever department had room. Those of us left in the room had to battle to hear telephone conversations over the banging and crashing. They are doing the other side of the room today but fortunately I'm off so by the time I turn up next week everything will be looking fresh and clean and I'll have missed most of the aggravation.

Rumours have been rife for sometime but yesterday I all but had them confirmed. From April we are having new shift changes imposed on us. This has caused a great deal of upset, stress and anger not to mention a total demoralisation of everyone. The rumour that things would not be ready in time for the April changeover started a couple of weeks ago. Now it seems some of my colleagues have been told that there will be a delay and an e mail will be going out soon to explain the delay and post a new time frame. Again I suppose this could just be another rumour, everyone is so jumpy and snippet of information is jumped on, but the people I talked to sound pretty sure. One colleague even went as far as to state that the delay will be as late as November. Only time will tell, and an e mail, if any of this is true. I just wish that everyone was told these things all at the same time instead of things being leaked to the chosen few.

Andrew has had another driving lesson and this time he attempted reversing and an emergency stop. He is really enjoying himself and is full of confidence. The instructor seems very impressed too and has predicted that he could be ready for his test in as little as twenty lessons, the average is thirty apparently. I hope the instructor is right as it is costing me a fortune. Of course if when he does pass we then have the expensive of an old banger and insurance. It seem ridiculous to me that his insurance will cost more than his car.

Another delivery by my drug supplier and another balls up. This time they have failed to deliver sterilised gloves and the cassettes the drug is held in when attached to the pump. I rang them and the girl couldn't have sounded less interested. apparently they don't have any in stock at the moment so they will be sent out at a later date. Fine except I only have three packets of gloves left for the weekend, I use three a day. She is rushing out a box by registered mail to arrive tomorrow. Needless to say i'm not entirely happy abput this as we all know what the post is like especially around Christmas. I can see me touring the local hospitals tomorrow afternoon begging. Thankfully I still have enough cassettes to last for another two weeks. I've e mail my specialist nurse about the situation. I doubt very much he can do anything but as the hospital has give the contract to this useless lot then they ought to know the kind of service I'm (not) getting.

Last night I gave in and bought a few bits and pieces for Christmas, I've already ordered my turkey so set about getting the gravy and cranberry sauce. I will be making my own sage and onion stuffing as I have a huge amount of sage growing in the herb garden. I also bought a tin of Quality Street, well I have my priorities. We are avoiding the shopping centers this weekend, we tend to do all our shopping online anyway, but will brave Milton Keynes on Monday as I have and eye test and want to do some window shopping. All I've got to do now is decide whether I will be needing the services of a scooter or not.