Thursday, 22 December 2011

Shh... It's So Quiet.

Just when you are happy and settled something comes along to 'improve' things and you're back to square one. So it is with Blogger, which has updated itself and now has a totally new layout. Took me ages to work out how to post, couldn't find the button, oh hum.

I've been starting work early this week and this means driving to work in the dark, a very weird experience as my body keeps telling me it should be wrapped up tight in bed. At least I also finish early so I do at least see daylight. My colleagues on full time hours working 8am - 6pm don't see daylight for days on end as our room has no windows. Work has been quiet, much quieter than I expected on the run up to Christmas which is a bit unnerving, I can't help thinking something nasty is going to catch us out on Christmas Eve and have us all running around like headless chickens. Equally unnerving is the appearance of huge tins of chocolates that start doing the rounds as soon as we sit at our desks. I don't know about you but sweets that early in the morning just isn't right. I have to at least get my first cup of tea in before I can face anything like that.

I went to see Occupational Health today, I have to go every couple of months so they can keep an eye on me, and they were delighted with my improved health. At the moment I'm on reduced hours but they have relented and are allowing me to increase from six hours a day to, wait for it, seven hours a day after Christmas. Can I stand the excitement! In all seriousness I know I have to be careful and take things slowly. Rushing things will only mean not coping and ending up back where I started but it is so frustrating. Still I must look on the positive side and at least my hours are increasing so alls good.

Andrew took his driving theory test today and passed with flying colours, in fact he got 100% on one of them so he is really pleased with himself. His actual driving test will be sometime in February/March so plenty of time yet and he is making good progress. He also had a lesson today and said that he is still finding reversing a bit of a problem but he forgets that this is only his fifth lesson so the fact he can do it at all is impressive. Andrew has been very good about his revision these holidays and spends at least four hours each day pouring over his books. I've never seen him so focused. I really hope all the effort pays off and is reflected in his grades.

It is drug count day and we have been busy doing our inventory ready for the call that never comes due tomorrow. I'm a bit dubious about ringing in so close to Christmas, especially as they can't get it right even when it isn't Christmas. As I am in work I have told Peter to get the name of the person that calls, if they do, so we can at least pin the blame on somebody when something vital doesn't arrive in January.

My countdown to Christmas is almost finished and Peter is heading to Tesco's tomorrow before eight to do the last few bits, then all we have to do is collect the turkey from the farm on Saturday and we are done. If we have forgotten anything well it isn't a disaster and I won't fret about it. Peter's present finally arrived and I managed to wrap it and put it under the tree while he was out collecting Andrew from his theory test so that panic is also over.

In the news the military wives are busy outselling the X factory winners and are now a dead cert to be the Christmas number one. How refreshing to see that despite the promotion and hype the Great British public made the right choice for once. Even more refreshing is the government not charging VAT on the single so that more money can go to the charity it is supporting. The military wives might be a one hit wonder but how much good are they doing with that one hit and none of the choir members will profit by a penny. It is nice to know that there are people out there still for which money isn't everything.

The American's have finally left Iraq and within hours bombs are going off left, right and center. Whatever it was that the American's hoped to achieve they have clearly failed and have left behind an unstable country where different factions seem hellbent on killing each other come what may. Not a lot to show for ten years occupation is it.

John Terry is facing criminal charges for racially abusing a black footballer. However everyone is 'behind' him and he retains his captaincy. So who says football isn't racist? In any other job Terry would at the very least be under close supervision, in most he'd be suspended. The message being clearly sent out is that it is fine to be racist if you play football. As a lot of football supporters need very little encouragement to be vile to their fellow man this is not the signal they need. I don't know anything about Terry or the incident, he may well be a very nice chap and totally innocent I'm not to judge. However as a role model shouldn't he be offering to take a step back until things are resolved?

I am hoping to get time to write on Christmas Even but as things do tend to overtake me at times can I just take this opportunity to wish everyone a very Happy Christmas. I wish for you everything you'd wish for yourself. Enjoy!